Hey folks, are these plants overwatered?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by HanShotFirstx, Apr 10, 2016.

  1. If not whats wrong with them?

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  2. Who knows. How much water you been giving them? When you post on here looking for help with your plants, you've got to give us as much information about your grow, your setup and how you are dealing with these plants. Watering habits, cycle, pH range, medium, age of plants, where are they in their life cycle, lighting, nutes, ppm's of feeds, etc. Anything you can give us to add to the clues, will help greatly. Also, pictures in good plain old light of the problem areas and the whole plant are always a great help. These look rough, but you've got to fill us in some more before anybody can make a call. TWW
  3. They aren't grown at my house sorry. They are at a friends, no notes, no ph checking, just water and light.
  4. Well, there's a big part of the problem. LOL Water, soil, seeds and light are the basic components to it all, but growing these things inside in containers is not like any other kind of gardening I've ever done before...and I've been doing it since I was a kid. People spend months thinking about the equipment they're going to put together to grow these plants with and never even remotely consider the fact that they might need to do a little digging and get some instruction on "how to" grow these plants. You need to go to (or have your friend go to) the new grower threads here on the forum and do some serious reading. There are several posts there that contain the very basics that all growers have to learn before they can grow these plants without it being a huge ball of stress. Without it, you're flying by the seat of your pants and you will ultimately fail....or 99.9% of those who go in blind do.

    There's definitely something going on with these plants and I would suspect over watering....because that's what all new growers do until they know better, and a nutrient deficiency. But that's just a guess. They don't like their roots sitting in moisture and most people who know no better think more water is good. It's not. They need a very light and arid soil for super good drainage to keep this from happening. The water and any feed solution you give your plants needs to be adjusted to a pH range of 6.3 to 6.7. Not doing that will lock up the roots of your plants and they can't take in nutrition and get sick. You have to let them DRY OUT before they get more water. Just you or your friend go read and get a clue about what ya'll are trying to do here. TWW
  5. I'll just go to a less cynical forum, thanks man

  6. Grew outside last year, with the Sun, hose water and yard dirt, everything went fine
  7. hard to say without any idea on nutes,soil,ph,and whatnot but if I had to guess just by looking, I'd say a potassium deficiency.

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