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    Hey guys, i've never been a pothead. I experimented in High school and found I got paranoid and anxious after I smoked. So I stopped. Thinking that this drug is for losers I mean who wants to get high and be paranoid all day? lol It wasn't until about 3 months ago that I started smoking again just for the heck of it. By this time I have moved from my old neighborhood into a more suburban area and my friend told me I could cop from this guy down my street! Damn that was easy. So he asked me beforehand what strain I wanted and I said w/e makes me mellow and want to play Halo. He said try OG Kush and I ask him about weed prices and what not and since he's a friend of a friend he told me everything. He gave me the 20 sack of og for $25 bucks because it was 'dank'. So I go home, roll a J and lit that baby up! After the first 3 hits I couldn't believe what I was missing out on. I watched Apocalypse Now with my ex and it just made it seem so much better. Everything was so much better. Food was better. Music was better I was high and listened to The Bends and it sent me on a tripppp. So i've been a regular user for about 3 months now. Always smoking kush. Tried some sativa. Gave me a very slight buzz and my dealer said that wet lush or wet kush doesn't agree with me so I stuck with og. Anyways, sorry for the long intro haha :p it's a pleasure to make your acquaintance. I will never frown upon potheads again.

    Oh btw I just copped a half o of dank kush. Opened the baggy up and it smelled like pine heaven. Just wanted to share the pics and ask your opinion if I got a good deal or not and if the weed is indeed dank? I got this for $110 here in Toronto, Canada. I forgot to ask him to weigh it because i've never had this much at one time in my life and it's a hell of a lot for me at least.

    This is the half o (my hands are slightly above average size):
    View image: IMG 20130620 00488

    This is a bud or a nug (i'm still learning):
    View image: IMG 20130620 00490
    You can zoom into the pics by holding Ctrl and pressing the '+' symbol on your keyboard. (Computer Science student lol)

    You can call me Strings. :smoke:
  2. seems like your dealer is a cool guy, but $110 for a half? damn maybe it's just maine, but on average through out the year we pay about $140 sometimes less, i never pay more than that though.

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