Hey everybody this is something I made. Feedback would be nice.

Discussion in 'The Musician in U' started by antarchy, May 29, 2006.

  1. I made this about two years ago it is not finished there are a few problems. The voice section I plan to change and there are a few places where samples are miscued. I haven't been doing anything for a while I just became frustrated with it. I really enjoy producing but it pisses me off when I can't get things right I'm nearly OCD when it comes to music. Anyway I just wanted to get ya'll to tell me what you think. It's not the levels are off I haven't gone to final mix yet I'm a few days off from that.
  2. whats the repeating word? dissolance? that is a bit annoying... i thought the intro was a bit too repetitive even for trance, try and add some variety in there, maybe some higher pitches / lower pitches. The tempo is consistant, which i dont know if that is either bad or good? the music which comes in after the intro sounds like a video game, Tetris on speed perhaps.. it is working, and you have some potential. Keep workin on it, you could end up makin some tripped out trance.
  3. Thanks. The word is disonance and yeah it's very anoying. I have to do some remixing and a bit more producing I want to add some more growning atmospherics to the begining and fill out the end. There is supposed to be more of a tension build up at the end. The drums well they're more there out of necesity than pride. I have very few of my beats that I really like. And trance by definition is repetitive with the four on the floor drum patttern but profesionals keep dropping in variations and diffrent samples to their drum loops a skill I haven't masterd yet.

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