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  1. Im not to technical when it comes down to it. I know some things about this hobby of ours..I would like to say 1st I am goin to try using a crap load of cfls.first could anyone help me by putting together a socket n a cord.I was thinkn about some swivel lamps but still 10 bucks a fixture ? ANd odor.. Im looking at air purifires online like walmart.hepa ? or anything that cleans the air can i use this to contain the smell ?
  2. You can buy multi-light fixtures from somewhere like Lowes, Menards, Home Depot... for pretty cheap... allowing you to run 2-4 CFL's from one power cord/fixture....

    And if you search, you can find a lot of interesting ways to construct your own carbon filter... Or just figure out a way to rig one according to your needs.

    I'd just try plugging both those phrases into the search bar and just read the hell outta' it. :hello:
  3. Or do what I did, get a bunch of those Y connectors. They screw into one socket, and then have two sockets that you screw bulbs in, or two more Y connectors for a 4 socket array. Then I just put the 4 bulb combo into a big clamp on reflector lamp thing. It actually angles them quite nicely for putting on the tops of your plants, lights evenly all around the top. Just make sure whatever cord you run for power is cool to handle the wattage. Fire=busted.

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