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  1. I'm tryin' to smoke in the house and everything but I don't know what'll cover it up better.. smoking in the closet or by the window with the fan going out?
  2. Window + Fan + some Body spray
  3. Oh we're idiots man, it reeks in here.
  4. if you don't hot box then go outside


  5. Window, Fan, and Ozium
    Ozium is very strong
    You should only need literally one spray
  6. google "sobe waterfall bong" and see where to knock a hole in the bottle.

    do that (really easy) thenn fill up the sobe bottle with about 15-20 dryer sheets, (really cheap)

    then when you take your hit, cover up the bowl with something to prevent smoke.. have the fan set up facing out the window.

    blow your hit through the mouthpiece of the sobe bottle so that the smoke comes out of the hole you made on the bottom, and goes into the back of the fan, thus blowing it out the window.

    maybe light a candle if you can get away with it, it smells good, and when you blow it out it puts off a heavy smell (you know the one);

    thats it dude, it wont stink.:wave::smoke::smoke:
  7. Instead of covering up the smell, why not eradicate it? There are sprays that eliminate odors, not cover it with fragrance. I know someone who uses a spray and it smells like NOTHING after you spray, works wonders.

    If that isn't an option, smoke outside? I used to smoke in my closet and blow the smoke into balloons, worked perfectly, but make sure you pack 1 hitters, so there is no smoke rising from the bowl after your hit.
  8. ozium is legit, saved me many times when i was a kid
  9. if you have a room where no one will go into for a while.. just put a fan in the window and smoke near it and blow your smoke into the fan..spray like everyone else said would help also..do you normally light incense? if so use one of those but don't do it if you don't normally because it will be a red flag :rolleyes:
  10. Yeah smoke outside,problem solved

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