hey do any of you watch mma fights

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  1. i did and i feel like i can fight now but i dont want to hurt people

    what can i do to find out if im good at fighting?
  2. There are MMA gyms where you can train and potentially fight.
  3. Fight people, bro.

    Today's assignment: kick some ass.
  4. but i dont want to hurt them...

    i need to fight like a robot
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    point of fighting people in mma IS to hurt / beat them.

    ultimate test of man vs man. no rackets. no balls(cept ur 2 if u have them)

    mma isnt all about striking (punches/kicks)... alot is GRAPPLING. wrestling or jiu jitsu.
    hard to really hurt someone

    and you see the punishment some take in MMA? you are not on theyre level to deliver that punishement so i think you're ok and others will be ok with you.

    i highly recommend training in MMA

    HIGHLY, and i am currently not training in it.

    the life lessons and understanding, the diciplined and respectful people,the enviornment, the endless healthy benefits,the rewarding feeling everyday,and MANY others things i cannot remember or know to list
    MMA is the SHIT
  6. Unless you WANT to snap their arm.

  7. me and a friend were drunk wrestling and he was trying to do a move but his execution was flawed and he ended up breaking like 3 teeth lol
  8. true


    see when you say MMA, it stands for mixed martial arts.

    mma is ALL (huge part) about PROPLER TECHNIQUE.

    why technique?

    a smaller weaker man + technique = better then man twice his size with flawed technique.
    its HILARIOUSLY FUNNY, proper, and great when MMA started less then 20 years ago, how people who were proplerly trained in JIU JITSU dominated huge powerful men.

    backyard wrestling / watching ufc, thinking u know mma = IS NOT MMA.

    all about the knowledge man. you need lessons to learn from GREAT experienced humans who are willing to share and help you for the love of this great sport.

    you will never know what it feels like till you step in that gym. *feels great tho

  9. no homo, right?

  10. of course.

    yes homo
  11. MMA's the shit, it motivates me hit the gym. I'm a pretty firm believer that at some point, after talking has failed every person should be able to defend himself. :metal:

  12. yea i guess but im a peaceful person so other people dont try to attack me either.

    also im bigger and stronger than average people so most people dont really want to beef with me
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    MMA is kinda stupid in my opinion. I enjoy watching it, but wouldn't partake in it. It is an ultimate test of skill on so many different levels; however, if I am going to be loosing brain cells and potentially putting myself in serious harm, I want to be doing something that ridiculously fun. Call me superficial, but I would never want to mess up my good looks lol...

    I have been doing martial arts for years now. I recommended doing Jiu-Jitzu. I compete in tournaments, exercise great discipline, and get to prove myself just like in the octagon. The only difference is there is no striking to the face. It is all about working angles on your opponent and getting them into a position were they are forced to tap out (armbars, kimuras, triangle chokes, etc...).

    On technique...I wouldn't say it is all about technique. The father of modern fighting Bruce Lee stressed the opposite. He believed that too many people talked about technique and did not spend enough time perfecting the body. In the end fighting is compromised of three main things. Physical capabilities, Knowledge, and Meditation. Meditation is always over looked, but people who are clear thinkers are always 10 steps ahead of their opponents. I recommend reading Body Mind Mastery.
  14. I watch boxing... I keep re-watching boxing from Ali time.

  15. well i play other sports like rugby and soccer and you can get injured in those also it depends on what you think is fun. im just really curious because i want to know if im good at fighting so im going to look up some mma gyms near me.
  16. My bro plays Rugby.. if you ask me rugby is the ultimate sport.. if a sport is the test of:


    I honestly think rugby has no equal.

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iZz2OEi8e90&feature=related]YouTube - BEST RUGBY TRIES EVER!!![/ame]
  17. You can definitely get injuries in other sports, but in MMA you are constantly subject to life threatening ones. The best skateboarder in the world can avoid cracking his head open. The best Mixed Martial Artist is always open to brain damage. I am just saying if I wanted to get Parkinsons and have multiple concussions, I would much rather do something that isn't painful and doesn't degrade my well being.

  18. I agree if you are an MMA fighter its kind of inherently selfish if you have kids. You kind of in a way need to donate your life to the sport..
  19. There just seems to be better options to obtain the same satisfaction. Like I said, Jui-Jitzu is wicked fun and you would love it. I have always been able to tap out before being choked out or having my arm split in half!

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