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Hey Cola

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Bud Head, Jan 23, 2003.

  1. Are you ready for some more SNOW??

    It is snowing down here now.. Supposed to get 2 inches tonight.. Only 17 for the high tommorrow! Damn I'm cold!
  2. Hell yeah I am I live in your state.
  3. We got another inch and a half! Roads are slick again!
  4. we got nothin but cold here... it was only like 16 for the high today (20 in the city). tonight it's gonna feel like 10-15 below with the windchill.

    hope everyone's keepin' warm. they're sayin we're gonna get a bit of a warm up this weekend. supposed to be in the low 30's.

    alright! time to bust out the swim trunks, LOL.
  5. Sounds like you live next door.

    It's about the same here.
  6. Its about 35-40 here I think. It was pretty cold the last few weeks though. I can't believe I haven't gone snowboarding yet. I live like 25min. away from the slopes and I've had the chance to go I just can't pry myy lazy ass off my man and get motivated *lol*
  7. It's like 10 degrees and I'm am ~~freezing~~. My damn dog thinks that he has to go out every 1/2 hour so I've been out in the cold more than I've wanted to be. He just wants to play in the snow, I know, but I can't stay warm with him doing that.

    Poor DirtyD!!! He's soooooooo fucking cold. I'd send you some warm karma but I don't have any so I'll just send some good karma to make up for it. :)
  8. uh, i'm kind of jealous because here it's been negative and below the past week. we have two feet of condensed snow that won't melt away, and every other day the snow pile gets higher. don't even ask me about the wind. sheez.

    we were happy when it started snowing, the slopes were full of sledders.. but now we just want it to go away =].

  9. D.D. don't forget to swing by when you go to florida..

    RMJL Are you as ready for some 50 degree weather as I am?
  10. I AM SO READY!

    Hey, are we all still going to try to get together when the Dingusus family migrates south? That would be so cool!
  11. Yes definately. When we find out when, i'll make way up there or you down here. What ever they want to do is fine with me!
  12. YAY!!!

    Whatever everyone else wants is fine with me too!!!
  13. Dirty posted that they were going back in march. I can't wait..

    We need to make a plan.
  14. snow belongs on the mountains. i don't want that shit in *MY* city. people get hurt. jeez, when are they gonna stop this madness. global warming now!

  15. Ha-ha

    Growing up, all the outlaws that got into trouble with the law hightailed it down to Florida to get away from the man. I went visited kin folk in FLA this Thanksgiving and they siad all the Florida outlaws escape up to Alaska to get away from the law. LOL :)

    Florida is ass frozen today. High in the Panhandle about mid 30'S. Plant City got down to 26 last night. And that's outsaide Tampa.

    Me, we got down to 9 and my engine froze up and boiled over on the way into work today. Freaking thermostat!!
  16. hmm... march sounds good. i'll come down for a lil visit :D norm can bring excalibong and the smoke dome... and we'll have a big ass party! LOL.

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