hey can anybody help me out?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Seeds Banks' started by easy rider, Aug 21, 2003.

  1. im looking for a strain, im a beginner so something easy to grow would be nice and also

    a potent strain, with preferably no odor or a low odor, a short plant with a decent yield (im growing indoors inside a closet) ...thats what im looking for, can anybody think of a strain to fit my needs?

  2. Master Kush is a short, good yielder with a good kick, real nice kick. As with any plant with some potency, it has a fairly good smell. But overall a good easy plant to grow. Odor is a problem that is easily corrected with a vinegar and exhaust fans.
  3. hey thanks alot, ill look into it ..sorry it took me so long to replay

    thanks again.
  4. I'd recommend a primarily indica strain like Northern Lights or Afghani. They both sit short and squat with very low odor and good yields. I've heard very good things about White Rhino, but it may be too smelly for you. White Rhino is what I would go with for a very potent, high yielding plant that's easy to grow. If smell is a big issue though, go with Northern Lights.
  5. thanks ..white rhino was acutally the strain i really wanna grow but the grow reports on overgrow.com say it has a strong smell
  6. i started with top44 taught me alot about what it takes to grow well
  7. ...top44 or hollands hope...

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