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Hey Bud Head...

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by ganjaphish, Aug 29, 2002.

  1. Joinin' the 1500th post club, and thought i'd dedicate it to you, for your lost post(s)!!!


    man hitting this mark makes me wonder... crap do i post too much!??!


  2. With that many postr you need to get a life LMAO!!!!!!!!

    Thanks for the dedication and congrads on being up here with the lifeless people!!

    I'll send you a kiss through this post. Smoochies w/xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxooxoxoxxoox's Damn that was good!
    You are a great kisser by the way! Thanks

    OH don't let this thread become another sex thread! LMAO!
  3. One more thing. Did you taste the carmel chocolate pop tart I'm eating?
  4. hehehe thanks for the smoochies bud head you made my day :) ~ we'll try to keep this g-rated for all the kiddies, or else it'll be moved to pandora's box !!

    and yes, i didn't even know they MADE carmel chocolate pop tarts?! i must get some of my own ;)

    ok off to go get a life :D

  5. Yea the kids like the carmel chocolate pop tarts. They are good!

    Make sure the life you get lets you have enough time to keep up with us lifeless people!

    More smoochies to make your day brighter and happier!
  6. I am not saying anything about KISSES or Caramel Chocolate Pop Tarts and especially not SEX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You KICK ASS, Ganja!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Congrats girl! I will smoke a bowl for you and in honer of your great achievement, I will crank up Tangerine as a salute to ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. woohoo hey RMJL i found a cool quiz for you to take. here's the link:

    i took the test and guess which zep song i was, tangerine! i bet you will be too, but if you're a different song post it here & i'll post you what they say about tangerine :)

    and what more could i ask but more kisses from Bud Head, the city's sweetest :D

    i don't know about ya'all but reading on this forum tonight is makin me smile a whole bunch... xoxoxo for all of you!!
  8. I was Tangerine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    That ROCKS, Ganja!!!!

    The only things that were off was about me being "calming"...I drive people much so that one person said they wanted to draw a circle on the wall next to the front door that says "BANG HEAD HERE!" for everyone I drive crazy. Also, about everyone I know thinking I'm "nice"...I don't get that often. People tend to think I'm too blunt and rather harsh.

    But I have potted plants all over the house and a cat named Pandora so they were right on there!!!!

    Thanks, Ganja, that was fun!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. LOL that's funny, people say i'm sarcastic but in a funny way but rarely do they call me nice either...

    but tangerine, i thought hey how'd they know this was my favorite song? i had a hard time w/ some of the questions, i wish some of the options were "i want it ALL BABY"


    anyway keifer sutherland is on young guns right now and sorry to get off topic but i've always loved that guy :D

  10. Yeah, he's cool, Ganja!

    I liked him in The Lost Boys and the one with Julia Roberts where they stop each others hearts and then bring them back. What's that called?
  11. that's Flatliners, yes that was an excellent film! i'll have to go rent it now..

    have any of you seen keifer in 24 that new show? we are addicted to that show like no other and there's a marathon this WEEKEND on FX i cannot wait. it is the best show i've seen in a long time oh god i'm gushing like a girl

    i should really stop smoking n go to bed...

  12. Not to interrupt, but... I got "Tangerine" too! I don't even listen to Zep, though. Oh well...
  13. Hey pretty ladies. This topic was to me and ........well........Ya'll are off topic.

    WHERE ARE MY SMOOCHIES?????????????

  14. ***SMOOCH***

  15. well i took this test -twice- and it sucks!!! :D the first time i was "when the levee breaks" which is ok, but i so don't match the description. the second time i was "stairway to heaven" no no no no! not me not me not me! i don't comeclose to the description, and i don't even really like the song ( my best friend loves it, and over-killed it years ago.)

    ganjaphish~ i know what you mean about the choices. some i wanted all the choices, and others i wanted different choices. it's bad when you have to lie because none of the choices are the right answer.
  16. i got tangerine too, go figure

  17. Thanks honey! Now i am waiting for one more from you know who!!!!!!
  18. Thanks critter i needed that. Sending one right back to you! LOL

  19. Do you think i'm posting a bit much??? LOL

    I try and not to talk too much these days!

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