Hey brits, chavs, englanders

Discussion in 'General' started by Budwisesir, Jun 7, 2009.

  1. Did anyone see the armada of UFO lights in Britain? I'm curious about this.
  2. You mean the chinese fire lanterns. Yes, thats all they were.

    Oh and i'm not a chav. Lol.


  3. Chinese fire laterns? That sucks :( I was hoping to hear from someone who seen a UFO.

    Also, I didn't mean to call you a chav, its just I don't know many names for British people.
  4. Yeah i saw it on the news and it turns out it was fire lanterns. I was disappointed too.

    Haha its cool man.
  5. Chavs are the most retarded stereotype of people in the world. No one is ever going to take a white British kid seriously when they try to sound like Tupac. It's bad enough in American suburbia, but come on. GHETTO ENGLAND??? HAHAHAHAHA DEVONSHIRE REPRESENT!!!
  6. This goes out to all my royal tunbridge wells crips! Much love homies!
  7. Do chavs really claim crip?


    I need to bring my hood to england...
  8. :DI know some London postcode gangs call themselves Bloods or Crips, but others just have named like Murda Dem Pussies (MDP) ahan
  9. chavs don't really qualify as gang members here. They are like the wanna bees.
  10. Im pretty gangster myself. :D

    ok honestly im a middle class white boy living in a small town in wisconsin.... Fo Rizzle my Nizzle.

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