Hey all. :)

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    Hey, guys. :)
    I've been lurking at random times here for some time now, but waited until hitting 18 to finally join. :p

    I guess you could say I'm not really a big smoker, the first time I smoked anything (cigarette, hookah, and, oh my, pot!) was when I visited Washington about a month back. However, I've since returned to Michigan, and my circle of friends here isn't really the type that's tolerant of any form of smoking, so it hasn't become much of a habit for me. I'll get my ass back to Washington after I graduate, though, so who knows what'll happen then?

    Interest-wise, I'm an avid reader. I used to be into Tae Kwon Do, made it up to 5th geup. (rank-wise, that's about halfway to a first-degree black belt. Going from one rank to the next gets harder as you go along, though.) But lately, I've found myself too busy for everything. I'm just hustling to try and find a job so I'll have enough money saved up to rent an apartment/buy food/pay insurance/take care of all other living expenses. Moving across the country basically freaks me the fuck out, but I have enough friends (and a beau) there that I should manage not to go under. I've fallen too in love with the West Coast to stay away any longer than I have to.

    I hope I get to know some of you, a forum's boring without personalities. :D
  2. welcome...glad u liked the west coast

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