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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by The Mystic Man, Jun 15, 2006.

  1. Well I just went to Lowes the other day, bought a cheap heat lamp thats 150-wats, and some miracle gro soil, and my friend said to get this rose plant food... The reason why with the 150-wat heat lamp is my growing in a small box. Im hoping to get a bigger place to grow but as of now that will be my plants home. I just read that miracle gro sucks? I also bought a 150-wat high preasure sodium, but it didnt work in my 150-wat fixture, go figure, beacuse I needed a ballest? Well can you guys give me some nub help? Also, I cant buy those $300 lights.. So im going the cheap way first.
  2. MM,

    Take your heat lamp and the HPS bulb back. A heat lamp is just that a HEAT lamp and is NOT a grow light. The HPS bulb will only work in a light made for it wit hthe right type of ballest. IF you are low on start up funds and your grow box is small enough then you can go with CFL's from Wal-MArt. They are $9.00 each and are 2700 lumens.
  3. I did return that hps light bulb, I was talking to the guy at Lowes, and I would have to buy a whole kit for the one light.. Well ill post my questions later need to go look my stuff over. Thanks for the quik info.

    Edit: Also what about soil and plant food?
  4. Ok, im back with another question. Its about lighting. I know theres alot of other threads, but I need some help soon. I need a good light that is good for growing through the whole plants life. Meaning, not haveing to use cfl at start then swich over to hps lighting once the plant starts off. Im willing to buy off line now since Im not sure what to buy at Lowes or Ace. Could some one give me some links to good lighting that is cheap and can be put in a small box?

    size of my box is W:20'' H:14'' L:14''

    Im willing to spend about 100-110 or so. But im willing to take a look at other lights. Or maybe 2 lights for under 100 that I can use one at groth and for when the plants starts to get tall? idk please help!
  5. www.insidesun.com
    you can buy a 250 watt HPS setup forabout $110 with shipping included...
    that would be your best bet.
  6. Your box is 14" in height and not even 2 square feet of footprint? Sorry, but I don't think it is even worth trying to grow in an area that small.

  7. I have seen pics of grows in a computer tower, which is about the same volume.
  8. Ok, well my friend grew in about the same thing. But, Im thinking of just getting a storage cabinet from outside and move it in. Lots og room inside. So never mine on the lights right now. I may grow some bonsai tree to help out if my roommates ask what im doing lol.

    Also does anyone know of a clone pot plant? Not as in cloning the plant, but a plant look alike? Like a decoy, incase if my parents vist or my roommates just happen to walk in and ask?
  9. Tell them its a tomatoe plant.

    Or a decorative fern, that what I told my mom those plants in my backyard where, but she knew right away they were pot plants 'cause shes a stoner and told me to get rid of them....
  10. i only tried indoor once and i had a good grow with cfls.
  11. I have never done an indoor grow.
  12. You can use 42w CFL's from Wal-MArt. They are $9.00 each and have 2,700 lumen each. They are a warm sectrum light but you can veg with them very well and then flower too. But it sounds like you are not in the situation where you should be growing anyways. Sounds like to many "eyes" around. Once the plants get growing then you have to deal with the smell too.

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