hes trying to buy my love

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  1. yelp. i hate asking you guys for advice, im sure your all just going to call me a slut and all this shit.... but here goes.

    this guy, REALLY likes me. i like him a little bit, but honestly i dont want a relationship with him or anything. he knows this.

    but still, it seems like he'll do anything to try to impress me. like, he just took me and my best friend to go see five finger death punch (my absolute FAVORITE band) bought us everything while we were there including tshirts... hes mentioned buying me a new tattoo... pretty much anything i want he would do for me... already talking about going to another concert next week...

    now ive told him before that im not looking for a relationship... i dont know if he thinks if he does all this that i might change my mind or what... and i deff dont want to seem like im using him...

  2. Get ready for the he man woman haters club.
  3. You gotta stop accepting the gifts or it won't end to well for you. If you keep accepting things he's gonna think he's making progress and one day when he realizes that you really don't want him (when he actually gets it thru his head) shit will indeed hit the fan.
  4. I don't see the dilemma.

    If you don't like him, tell him to find someone else.
  5. ive told him i dont want a relationship... i mean a couple times hes tried shit or said shit about me to other people and we got in huge fights and i dont talk to him for months.. of course he always ends up wanting me again :0... he thinks its a joke like "yea ill buy you a tshirt so that when you hate me next week youll still rememeber this"

    why would you want to do all that for someone who you know is going to hate you anyway???
  6. Tell him he's a stalker loser weirdo and you don't want his stalker loser weirdo money
  7. i can understand buying roses or something but damn... hes going all out. id just tell him straight up so he doesnt get hurt and waste more money. its better for him to know earlier than later how you really feel trust me.

    i think he sounds a bit desperate too maybe... hes spending a ton of cash on you and you arent even his girlfriend lol.

  8. Take my advice. Stop talking to him and move on. The more he invests in you the more attached he will become. You don't want that.
  9. refuse to accept gifts
  10. I ain't saying she a gold digger, but she ain't fucking with a broke *****.

    Lol your sucha gold digger. Allowing to give is the same as accepting. And sounds like your doing a whole lot of accepting and no giving.

    I wish I knew this poor kid.
  11. I was in the same boat as you once. Eventually the girl ended up filing for bankruptcy. Hey! I thought she was living within her means... Give a female a credit card and their world will start to collapse right under their feet.
  12. yeah , have some decency and break his heart , anything but the wallet man
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    You REALLY need to make sure he understands that you aren't looking for a relationship. Some people really don't get the beat around the bush attitude girls often use. We are men, we need direct answers. NOT "I don't really know if I like you" type shit. If you think he is going to far tell him you can't accept these things. If I knew someone liked me and they kept buying me things I would sit down and talk with them and ask them what's up. If they just want to hang out and enjoy my company I don't see anything wrong with it. Yet, you yourself said it's like hes trying to IMPRESS you which means he hasn't gotten it in his mind that you don't want to be with him. We are simple creatures with big wallets. Don't accept things you think are too good to be true. If some girl tried to buy me tons of shit I would tell her that shes going crazy and she needs to keep her money in her pockets.

    Edit: This guy knows what's up though. The best way to a woman's heart is with money. Sad but true, it makes them feel special. Since we have to waste our life away to support only a few of their many many habits.. 3 thousand in clothes? BITCH YOU CRAZY haha
  14. Definitely stop accepting his gifts then, you're only feeding it. I don't blame you for accepting the tickets to see your band, if some psycho girl got me tickets to see Wiz Khalifa I'd be hard pressed to refuse them.

    There's no way around it though, you're using him. You should ask him if he realizes this isn't going anywhere and you don't want a relationship at all, give some reasons, and see what he says.
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    That poor, desperate and lonely bastard. You should tell him to stop doing that before some girl takes advantage of it, people like him get walked on all the time. He's basically trying to get into your life too by using money and even though you're not interested in him he's just magically still there taking you to a concert and shit and now a tattoo?

    It doesn't matter what you do though because someone as desperate as that will just crash and burn into a depressing hindenburg.
  16. So whats this guy like anyways?
  17. probably not her type
  18. What a crazy guy

    Have u slept with him at all?

    If so you prolly are really good and wants more

  19. More than that, she needs to blatantly tell him that she does not want to be with him.

    If she just says "I'm not looking for a relationship" then what he probably hears is "I'm not looking for a relationship right now, but maybe someday..." :p

    Something more like... "Look, I like being friends with you, and it's really nice of you to be taking me to all these concerts and whatnot. But I don't want to take advantage of you, so you need to understand that I do not want to be with you and that's not going to change."

    Gotta be completely and utterly 100% clear about it.
  20. tell him ONE more time, that no matter how many gifts he gives you, hes not getting anywhere.
    And then proceed to accept the rest of the gifts...who cares. you might even teach him a lesson.

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