"Herp derp Hitler and Stalin r Atheists and bad so atheism is bad derp"

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  1. Rom 13:1

    Every person is to be in subjection to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and those which exist are established by God.

    You heard it here folks, God put Stalin, Pol Pot and Hitler in power.
  2. God has killed more innocents then hitler
  3. ^so did stalin he killed twice as many
  4. dead people can't believe in anything, so how does that make not believing in god bad? if anything, those who do this while alive are simply getting a head start on death.
  5. Mao was worst than both. Satan created him, of course.
  6. I don't think I've ever heard a Christian say this...
    "Herp derp Hitler and Stalin r Atheists and bad so atheism is bad derp"
    or anything close to that for that matter, even the lunatic ones I've met. In fact I hear more atheists bringing up that God created those people that I do Christians...

    The argument can be used either way and what do you know? Still gets us nowhere.
  7. I am in no way an invested apologist in... but it occurs - can one not also interpret that quote to mean that those in governing power do not hold the same kind of intrinsic authority that is proclaimed by their deity?

  8. And Chuck Norris has killed more than God.
  9. It is bad to not believe in story tales.
  10. i think a better discussion to have with an atheist is one regarding what God actually is or could be. if anyone is familiar with the skeptical theist philosophical standpoint, it's a very accurate example of what i'm getting at. instead of saying, "God couldn't possibly exist because he did or allowed x and y...", why not start wondering if maybe, because x and y did happen, our supposed understanding of what God is, isn't what God actually is. everything in this world, including our concept of God, isn't so black and white. i'm not saying i'm right and atheists are wrong, because that would also be very black and white. what i'm saying is that you can challenge the theistic status quo without committing to a specific belief, atheism included.
  11. My favorite fictional book to read....... The BIBLE :devious:
  12. Oh and any country involved in war basically all the time (USA) is just as bad as hitler in my eyes. Throwing innocent men into gun fire at the disposal. Why doesnt the leaders of the oil companys and obama grab a gun and get in there....... Oh..... Yeah "that doesnt make sense when they have armys".

    Sorry about my rant. FIGHT 4 JUSTICE! FIGHT 4 FREEDOM! NOT 4 FUCKING GREED!!

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