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  1. Wow man, ive been hooked like a motherfucker on oxycodone 30's and today i only had 20 bucks, and 1 wont get me were i want to be, so me and my boy threw down and got a .5 of some dope. He does H like once a week and i never did. After blowing a .13 we both laid back talked and he started to nod and was more fucked then i was. so i blew the rest so now its .25 and after 20 mins my heart started to POUND. my legs were shaking my teeth were grinding and my heart beating wayy to fast for comfort. after 30 mins i was fine again but that scared the fuck out of me. i thought i was gunna die. im not touching this shit again but damn i need to cut the shit out and get off opiates:(
  2. Sounds like it was cut.
  3. Sounds like a panic attack.
  4. sounds like you shouldn't be doing heroin
  5. i didnt want too, but im wondering if i caused the paranoia on myself or if it was the drug. my boy was fine but i was tweaked for like an hour
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  6. I've heard heroin is the best feeling you can possibly feel, but it sounds to me like you can't handle it and freaked out.
  7. Get clean if you can, especially since you're "hooked" on oxy 30's. The longer you wait to cut that shit out the harder its gonna be bro.

    Other than that I can't help you.
  8. I know there are other methods but needles look gross
  9. he said "after blowing a .13"... he railed it.
  10. man pandora's been blowin up bout lady H lately.

    i don't understand why anyone would be fuckin with this, not to hate. but yeah it was prob just cut poor and you tripped out a bit
  11. I agree with you. ^

    H is ~$200/g for good quality shit here, and good luck finding anything decent for under $120/g here too. H is just way too expensive for my tastes.. Unless I had a bottle of morphine and some shit I could work with that is.

    Never know what you're getting in the cut or even in purity when you're buying off the streets either.
  12. I sometimes get anxiety attacks like when I take too many drugs, it's fucked aye.

    Don't hit it too hard next time bro, don't want cunts dying and shit aye.
  13. Honestly, where i come from we don't have heroin, we have OXY...and its fucked up more of my friends lives than i care to think about.

    do your best to steer clear of either...i'm convinced opiates are strictly a sometimes snack.:wave:

    that said i've never done heroin and i wanna really really really really bad. haha :D
  14. Yo you play Insurgency mod? man whats your steam id? I play CSS and insurgency mod a shitload :hello: Sorry if im seeming like a dick after reading it and giving a reply that doesn't have anything to do with the post.
  15. since when do opiates make people freak out?

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