Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by HolyHaze, Aug 7, 2007.

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  1. Well, like 4 days ago, me and a fellow tripper tripped on heroin, it was fucking awesome.

    We stood on my roof, and we stared at this boat for 3 hours. In the end we freaked out and had to go to the hospital.
  2. What in the fuck are you talking about? You don\'t \"trip\" on heroin. Why would you go to the hospital? This sounds like some bullshit to me. I think this is the real story....

    \"Well, like 40 minutes ago, me and my friend were sitting in my daddy\'s boat outside. I told him I was going to go post on Grasscity about doing heroin and he laughed. Funny kid he is. I hope my mom and dad don\'t find out I\'m on here, I might get spanked and locked in the closet for a week.\"

  3. did you get cheese, cut with tylenol pm??? hospital y????? lol
  4. ...hospital? Freak out? TRIP? dude.. what?
  5. Liars just don\'t go over well here...

  6. LOLOL Cheese!!! dying of laughter +rep

    dumbest thing ever
  7. you shouldnt post lies about doing herion its not cool imo
  8. So guys, I had a 80cc rig filled all the way up with acid and i shot it into my dick, dude.... i never had such a head rush. I was all pain killered out lookin at my dads truck untill i realized it wasn\'t a truck, it was actully my mom standing there yelling at me. so then i went to the veternarian\'s clinic for help. The end. :rolleyes:

  9. Did I post this? I must admit I\'m stupid.
  10. hahahahahha u were serious/
  11. so guys.. this one time I smoked so much crack that my distant cousin had an aneurysm. Crazy world we live in eh? I tripped for a solid 86 hours.
  12. LOL, Did you see any flying space men?
  13. :bolt:

    Doing that shit is fucked up, I\'ve heard 1st time or so it makes users have an orgasm, pretty nasty, i dont want anything to do that to me, unnaturally...eww and way to many downsides of using it.
  14. HolyHaze, you reminds me of all the girlfriends I broke up with... they all wanted TOO MUCH DAMN ATTENTION. We dont need kids that make up stories on here, its rediculous... move on.
  15. Heres how the real story went.

    \"Me and my friend were standing on the roof, and I seen a boat, so I suggested that we go on it, so we went on the boat, we found some heroin on the boat, so my friend got an idea that we should sniff it up with our anus, so we did, and we were tripping... like.... woah man\"
  16. You guys are mean and retarded. When the term trip is used, it doesn\'t have to mean hallucinations...! where I live, we just use the term trip for being stoned, unable to move and generally getting fucked up.
    We had heroin by mistake, we were drunk and fucked up, it was a bad experience. We couldn\'t move, we couldn\'t stop staring at the boat, it was freaking us out. We couldn\'t form a spit in our mouths, which was very weird and very worrying. We drank so much water but to no avail.
    We did go to hospital, believe you me, we almost had a heart attack.
    All in all, I\'m proud we did it, now I know what to do, and what not to do.
    Thank you all for being complete fucktards and being unbelievably mean. Fuck.
    While this thread went too far, it doesn\'t justify the name-calling. Here\'s your warning. *RMJL[/COLOR]

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