heroes cancelled, no!!!

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  1. so mad that they cancelled one of my favorite shows. weak!
  2. Good! That show was terrible, talk about disappointing, they could have done wonderful things with that show instead of dragging your hopes through the mud for 4 seasons.
  3. this past season was alright. but when they captured people with abilities like they were terrorists that was awesome. the carnival wasn't horrible. better than most other shows on tv.
  4. People watched that show? Apparently not, cause it got cancelled.
  5. My dick was so hard for the first season, but when season 2 arrived my dick went limp faster than the first time I saw Brittney Spears's pussy on my PC.

    All foulness aside that show tanked.
  6. makes sense this is coming from stoners cuz you have no idea what you're talking about!

  7. Then why the hell are you on this forum?
  8. lol i never even heard of that motha fuckin show dude
  9. I was counted down to the premiere. Then I contemplated suicide.

    I mean, how much can you do without being a total rip off of X-men?
  10. They did a good job with the first season. 2 and on thoroughly sucked though.

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