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  1. Is it just luck of the draw ?

    Put it this way I have many times has lights go off for numerous hours while at work and come home to hear my girlfriend has turned them on when she got in 15 mins before lights are to go off. In my research I hear this will cause too much stress but does it really.

    My ladies are doing well apart from growing too much lol just wanted to hear opinions from all you at Gc :)
  2. this isnt really making sense to me.... try to reexplain.

    what i will say is flowering stage is a lot more sensative to things like that than when in veg.
  3. Hide the light...unless you want some funky lame smoke.
  4. true about the lame smoke, i was just suggesting that maybe its not that much of a big thing. my plants are looking great and have been subject to alot of stress lately due to electricity running out while at work an stuff like this.

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