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  1. I'm a little confused by the concept of a hermie. From what I've read it can be caused by stress to the plant.

    1. How does stress alter plant DNA?

    I though the DNA determined the plant. If a plant can be stressed into becoming a hermie, is there a technique that can guarantee plants to turn out females?

    My next line of thinking is as follows. We spend months growing a plant from a seed and may or may not get a male.

    2. Wouldn't it be more beneficial to hermie the plants in order to get a guaranteed bud yield?

    I'm just curious.
  2. hi and this is some stuff i herd over the years and my be not 100 % true. first cannabis is asexual meaning a and b gens just like humans but unlike us plants are a basic dna and have both a and b in both male and female and yes can be made to a advantage in some aspects like breading some breeders can make a plant herm out and then pollinate itself or other plants. now there are way to help your odds on making seeds female out as they grow the one most impotent is warmth when germinating you can all so use hormone before or after growth of a seed as well. and for 2 im not sure i understand how hermie plant would guarantee bud yield the female part grows the bud. ok hope that helps good luck.
  3. 1. The plant gets stressed, and basically is scared and its like "AW SHI.. IM GONNA DYE, I NEED TO MAKE POLLEN ! " (to produce seeds and live on...)

    a. Yes get feminized seeds, however if you do stress the plants (... ie light leaks, bug problems....) they have a higher chance of hermi'ing, so basically dont stress it is how to prevent hermies

    2. I would noit recommend trying to hermi it, that will produce a lower quality smoke, fuck that!

    - Hermes
  4. If you have a female with all female flowers except one male bannana cluster is it possible to maybe tape that whole node with a wide piece of packing tape to prevent pollen from escaping further more. Not too many threads on the subject
  5. I think once they burst open, most of the damage is done. If the banana cluster hasn't burst open yet, pluck it off before it does.
  6. They already opened isn't it true they grow back I was thinking that some clear tape would be no stress thanks for the reply
  7. Anything that is not true sinsemilla, pull it. Fuck that, don't try to save a shitty plant and fuck up the rest of your crops. Regs/mids is so dirt cheap, not worth putting in the time/effort/money into low quality bud, it would be cheaper to just buy a sack of regs/mids
  8. the colas look sensi still looks to of pollinated the lower portions of plant i can see 1 seed on a cola in my eyes this plant is still ganna provide good smoke alot better then the compressed brick shit around these parts buy a bag of reggie here and you wont even believe its weed
  9. I'm just ganna remove the whole branch
  10. That plant was evil I gave it the chop thanks sativalover and obbstar you'll be seeing more of me
  11. Ok yet another problem with hermies I have a plant looks great but instead of male flowers popping up around a node area I've had about 1 -2 bannanas pop up on 3 of its 5 colas this is a really good looking plant but if its gatta go its gatta go it'll put me down to 10
  12. Btw its bagseed and is this type of hermie most likely light leak?

    Thanks in advance captnchronic
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    I don't believe that a plant creating sex organs from the opposite gender is exactly changing its DNA, I think that although the gender (either definitely male or female) is determined when the seed is formed, the plant has the capability at taking on the role of both genders at the same time. This is mostly due to the plant's high desire to reproduce, and the fact that in certain circumstances the plant will take it upon itself to perpetuate its species, assuming that it may consider that to be its only option given the environment, all plants would do this if it wasn't more efficient for them to be a definite gender one way or the other.

    Plants that are a definite gender don't even stay that way sometimes. I grew a female back two years or so ago who was on her last week of flowering, and even though I was watching the trichs closely for that 50/50 mix, somehow she grew male sex organs and ended up having sex with herself. I did end up getting some seeds, but it didn't effect the overall quality of the crop very much because I caught it slightly after they burst.

    This only works if you have a hermaphroditic plant (either natural or caused by stress) to pollinate a natural female plant. Based on my knowledge, the hermaphrodite plant passes on only X pollen, in contrast to a male plant passing both X and Y pollen. Once this comes in contact with the female sex organ that organ offers only an X chromosome, making 99% of the seeds feminized. This is the reason why some people stress their females out to get hermaphrodites, or let their plants have a couple week longer flowering cycle to get pollen for their other plants.

    If a hermaphroditic plant pollinates itself, then the seeds have a high likelihood of only being hermaphroditic plants.

    This is how I understand it in terms of science, however I have read that feminized seeds are more prone to going hermi due to stressful conditions. This may or may not be favorable.

    Cannabis is not asexual, cannabis reproduces sexually with pistils (female sex organ) and pollen sacs (male sex organ). Asexual reproduction refers to an organism's ability to reproduce without a partner, (e.g. budding, fission, spore formation). Even if a cannabis plant is hermaphroditic, it is still producing gametes, therefore it is sexual.

    This will not work, mainly because a hermaphroditic plant has the ability to grow more male sex organs even if you cover them up/cut them off. The plant might even grow them/open them faster if it realizes you're trying to get rid of them/make them unusable.

    Yeah, but all you need is one banana cluster to have sex with all of your females in the room. If you only have one plant and its a hermaphrodite, that's one thing; however if you have a bunch of plants and you just can't face cutting down a half female, my suggestion is to wear a blindfold when you do cut her down.

    I think you have to realize that just sinsemilla doesn't determine quality cannabis. There are many other factors that contribute towards the creation of mids such as poorly administered nutrients, poor growing conditions, lack of proper flush, or a slapdash curing process.

    Just because some of the weight of the flower is being accounted for by seeds doesn't make the entirety of the plants cannabanoids worthless, and if you're already halfway through a plants life cycle, its better having weed with seeds then to be sitting at home on a Friday night a month or two down the road wishing you hadn't chopped down your only plant.
  14. Another reason why hermie genes are being pulled up more frequently is because of the feminized seed market destroying our gene pool.

    There are many uses for feminized seeds, but breeding genes that have a tendency to herm somewhere down the road is not responsible or ethical.These are the hard facts one must consider when purchasing feminized seeds.

    It goes even further than this. Imagine I feminized a seed and I decided to breed the child with a male of another strain. The tainted DNA from the feminized breed will STILL be recorded in the genes of the offspring for generations to come.
  15. You have answered all of my questions in this one post...and none of my questions were even asked haha. Saved me about an hour of searching. Above and beyond an excellent post. Thanks!!!

    Good thread as well!

  16. I would agree completely. Having grown and bred other types of plants before (Salvia strains) from seed, genetics are lost quickly.

    Breeders seemingly buy seeds produced, grow them out and breed from a seed line instead of a direct cut (clone) line. Think generationally in humans. You may be Irish and the wife may be Native American. You have kids and they carry on SOME traits, they go out and have kids, those kids have even less of the true Irish/NA genes that made up the grandparents. Same for these strains. Strains created from seeds lose the high genetic qualities.

    When I see these crossbreeds of crossbreeds, it's scary because the true genetics were lost in the first crossbreeding. :(

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