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  1. Help pls!
    I had hermies on my last grow, the tent they were in has been stored away for about a year was just wondering if the pollen from the hermies would still be able to ruin my new crop.. the plants that I am going to be putting in there are already in flower.. any help would be appreciated thanks.
  2. You may wanna clean in there good

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  3. Yeah, 3000 year old pollen found in egyptian tombs has still been viable. That shit lives a very long time. I would give everything a good wipe down with bleach.
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  4. Thanks guys would all my. Plants end up growing seed or would it just be where the pollen lands? Seeing a lot of mixed views on this..
  5. One grain of pollen fertilizes a single seed. But pollen is microscopic and airborne and each male flower can pollinate thousand and thousands of female flowers.
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