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  1. I was reading a few threads 2day and a few of them talked about a Hermie, which i know is a hermafridite, idk how 2 spell). Is that when the plant is both sexes? and how is this caused? sry if these are stupid questions, just a newbee at this

    Here is my very first grow
    :hello: -Virgin Grow- Seed 2 WEED:hello:

  2. yes, thats what it is. it has male and female parts so it mostly ends up shitty weed. It happens naturaly sometimes, or by light poisioning (dont worry, it takes practice to actualy do it lol or a big accident.) or chemicals
  3. K thanx, got worried for a minute there, what would b the purpose 2 do that?
  4. well, there is no real purpose. Some frogs can change sexes to propagate the spepcies. MJ does it when the plant is stressed. Nature takes over and makes sure the plant will be able to produce seeds. It's pretty much maintaining the natural order of things. That's why you don't want to mess with, transplant, trim, etc, during the 4th and 5th weeks of veg. During this time period, the plants are maturing and very susceptable to developing hermie traits due to stress.

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