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  1. so i went out to check on my "girls" and come to find out they went shemale on me (hermie)...can someone tell me with the thc be the same as if the plant was female? will anything happen besides it will get more seeds? i think my plants went hermie due to cold weather i have them outside
  2. 1st off, im no professional.
    2nd off, i dont think cold has anything to do with the sex of the plant
    3rd off, yes, since the hermie has pollen sacks, they will open up and the pollen will make and female plant or part of the plant stop producing buds, and start concentrating on seeds. so, if you have a female plant with the hermies they will deeply reduce bud amount.

    I have one hermie growing right now. the pollen sacks have already opened up, so i just left mine. you can rip it out if you have a female with them. if they are both hermies and are near no other plants, i would let them grow to see what they can produce. correct me if im wrong, but this is what i know having grown a hermie.
  3. if theyre all hermie, just cut off the balls when you see them to allow bud growth,
  4. But don´t expect to find them all. So DO expect to get lots of seeds.
  5. today i did a pretty good job pulling off most of the seeds and as cantharis said i would not get all of them but now my question is since i pulled off the seeds will my buds start to get bigger again until the seeds appear again?

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