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Hermie >:(

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by Gooch, Jan 8, 2008.

  1. So I'm on my first grow and out of eight plants I got 4 females and 2 hermies and 2 males I already killed. My question is the first hermie I caught in time and removed. The other one I discovered today. It's only got about 6 pollen sacs on it but they've all split open and apparently released the pollen already. Should I remove it still or say fuck it and let the bastard grow and salvage what buds I can. Or will it start producing more pollen.

    Agghhhhh. So frustrated, please some advice is greatly needed. Hit me with some genius please.
  2. if the pollen is already released, you will get some seeds. hermies will probably keep making bananas though.
  3. if there open your pollen is out prolly id cut him and hope all your buds werent exsposed to the pollen

    it prolly only got to the buds near it ya know unless you got good air blowin then its prolly every where

    ive pulled some good weeed off hermies

    its up to you itll produce nugs and seeds
  4. ive got a question or two about this aswell once u know u have a male can u put him outdoors and let him go so u have never ending seeds? or can this still affect the crop indoors? how far does the pollen travel and how does it work ive heard a male plant can turn a female male from 10m away :S if this true?
  5. To have seeds you would need to pollenate the females or have a hermie.. I couldn't see it pollenating the females from outdoors unless you carried it on you and did it by accident..

    Gooch.. If I were you I would just let all 4 females and hermies grow together since they have probably already been pollenated. You will have seeds for your next grow along with 2 extra bud producing plants!! If you don't wanna keep them though then I would get rid of them as quick as possible and try to clean the grow area up a bit!:D:smoke:
  6. Gooch - pull the hermie, it will continue to grow pollen sacs.

    Tigss - a male does not produce seeds by itself, only a female produces seeds and almost always only when pollinated by a male (a female can grow an occasional seed without being pollinated and without it being a hermie, it's a survival mechanism but nothing to worry about).
  7. In case anyone wanted to know I pulled the hermie and put it in it's own space on the other side of the house so hopefully it won't spread more pollen to my fems. I always make sure to visit fems first so as not to transfer pollen. Since being separated and put under a few cfl's for about 2 weeks about 60% of the pistils near the top have started turning pink on the lower part of the pistils while slowly spreading to turn whole pistil pink. Kinda odd I thought as I'm about 1 month from harvest.

    Maybe those are the sites that r pollinated? I dunno, could be switch from HPS to CFL maybe cause all the remaining fems are starting to fill in between nodes and looking much fuller but no pinkish pistils. The hermie is very slowly filling in though.

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