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  1. Got these pics sent from a buddy. He's wondering if these are couple swollen calyx' or if his plant is turning herm on him.

    I couldnt give him a definite answer so I figured I'd place this here and hope for the best for him.

    Thanks for any input. Personally I think they're swollen but idk...the way they seem to be splitting is strange. Never seen it before.

    He says there are zero "bananas" on any of the plants or any males anywhere near his tents...

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  2. really hard to see :| I thought it looked like it was swollen, but that it may also have a seed growing in it, in which case the bananas, or balls would be elsewhere on the plant perhaps. Could always remove the suspect flower parts just in case. But from those pics for me it's inconclusive, sorry.
  3. Seeds. Turns out they went through a ton of weather changes through veg and they are just bag seed apparently so no harm no foul. He snipped them all off and said he's letting them rock the next 4 weeks and see what they do

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