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  1. 3419EAA2-BDB8-49F3-A980-C0A20A757F88.jpeg 34BB1BDC-3A2A-4BFD-AC40-7D7BF42233BC.jpeg 34BB1BDC-3A2A-4BFD-AC40-7D7BF42233BC.jpeg is it hermie/male please?
  2. What’s a chip and dales? I honestly can’t at the moment
  3. No, it's a male
  4. 668D8F8B-4776-4142-90B6-5CC65899BDDF.jpeg 9243607B-E00F-4AE5-8B48-0D0E947D8EF4.jpeg 663B08D3-6C1D-4081-9106-73386A328485.jpeg 269302E3-D030-4728-9B6C-C92F1E8B405B.jpeg 8F04ABF2-56FD-4312-9FDD-B91B7368E4E4.jpeg
    Here’s natural lighting

  5. 100 %?
  6. Shit forum it better be male either way I threw it
  7. That's what I mean when I say chip n Dale's.
  8. No need for multiple threads on the same subject bud.

    NO, not any sex showing & as in the other thread your Frying your Plant's:confused_2:...

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