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  1. If a bad hermie gets all its seed plucked off the bud on day 1 of week 7 flower will it focus on bud production the next two weeks?
  2. Just guessing here, but I would think no. Unless you tore the bud apart chances are you didn't get them all. Even if it did "focus" it's energy fully on bud production I doubt you would even notice the difference.
  3. Well.... A guess dosnt satisfy me lol
  4. Lol. I hear ya. It is a somewhat educated guess. lol. You my friend are gonna find out though. Let me know how you think it goes.
  5. Will they even get.you high you think? O hatvested some branches that were really seedy what u think

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  6. Course it'll get u high. It's just a bud with seeds in it
  7. Ye i guess im stressin
  8. I have seen worse. it will def get you high.

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