hermie? week 5 of flowering?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by bigtoker12, Apr 30, 2010.

  1. I think my plants have went hermie..please confirm my worst nightmare and give suggestions lol if there is any hope????????

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  3. man that sucks should i just cut them down now or let them finish?

  4. did you check the link man? don't cut them, you'll at the very worst case have new seeds to germ.

    and check the link

  5. yeah i just went...it looks like the spray is good for stopping it from happening next time but as for this time i am just screwed?????? :mad:
  6. no no no its called reverse for a reason, it stops the formation of seeds and re focuses the plant on making flowers.

    all i know is their liquid light works awesome so if this works half as good your all gravy
  7. As a preventative aid, spray the first time at the onset or initiation of flowering (usually approx 7 days into flower) and once again 10 days later or can be used at the first sight of male flowers by spraying with GOLD RANGE REVERSE immediately and once again 10 days later.
  8. hmmm... they have a seller close to my house that carries there stuff I will have to see if they have this. is there any way I could take clones or is it too late?

  9. that part I am unsure of, I personally never take clones from a plant in flowering cycle as I seems to have better vegetative growth and stronger genetic pools to choose from if I don't.

    just my .02
  10. I dont know if it is just me but i am having trouble identifying them as pollen sacs. Are you sure they are not just weird shaped seed bracts???

    If they do turn out hermie it would be a god damn shame cause that looks like good shit:mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:

  11. i dont know thats what im trying to figure out :/ this is only my second grow and my first ones didnt do this lol
  12. i bet my house and my car that those are just swollen calyxes
    cut one open

  13. not sure if I would bet on that but I would for sure cut one open and check:D
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    I didn't see any distinguished pollen sack, everything circled appeared to be part of a female marijuana plant. I think you are paranoid, 5 weeks is also late for a hermaphrodite to produce pollen sacks. Don't do anything until you get 100% positive evidence. Good lookin bud btw, it would be a shame if you slashed her this early.
  15. i dont see any nanners. I just got rid iof a hermie crop, they are obvious yellow bananas sticking out of the buds. I dont see that on your pics.
  16. I'm pretty high right now but those look like swollen calyxs, which are good sign of a happy plant, pollen sacks r usually real yellow and look like bananas. :smoking:
  17. i would hold on to her if i were you.
    if this is one of a few plants i would def try to sperate it from the rest if youre that paranoid but it looks like its only a few more weeks shy of being cured.
    if you have many plants and this can put them in danger cut it.
    if you only have this one or a couple more i would hold onto it.
    thats a long time to just throw all your hard work out.
    even if it is herm you will atleast get some decent beans out of it.

    you should post a few more pics in a couple days just to be sure.
  18. She looks fine to me, thats some decent looking nug too.
  19. they all have them on it. i saw one of those banana things on one of them and removed it but i think some pollen was spread and these are the seeds forming in the buds
  20. First of all, your plant looks great and I can tell you right now it is not a hermie. Don't listen to "Victimlesscrime" cause he's wrong. You should still cut the "pollen sac" open just to make sure its a swollen calyx aka bud, but its almost unnecessary.

    Either way, you should not throw out a hermied plant unless you have other females growing in the room with it. With a hermie, you wanna pick off all of the pollen sacs you can and finish the grow.

    Keep up the good work though. uyou got nothing to worry about

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