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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by GrassCharles, Sep 16, 2003.

  1. Hello... i managed to identify the sex of my superskunk plant and it is a he/she.(Hermie) Unfortunately all the male and female preflowers are mixed up.

    It is my only plant to harvest and so i need some help.

    What should i do with it ? Should i wait till the male balls get biger and clear the entire plant with my hand removing it??
    Will this allow the female flower to develop correctly?

    If i manage to let only the fems to blossom will they be high in TCH content??

    Thanks .. :-(

    Picture will follow later...
  2. pick off wot male flowers u can, u wont get them all b4 u get some seed but it aint the end of the world, u'll still get some nice bud.

    word of warning tho, if a plant with hermi tendencies polonates its self then all the seeds tend to b hermi so unless u like growing hermis dont use the seeds u get from her.
  3. thanks a lot... BTW if i manage to clear the plant from all the male "balls" ar most of it and manage not to get my female buds pollinated will they be high in THC content as a female plant??
  4. wot the unpolanated fem buds or the male flowers u pick off?
    the buds might b a little down on thc but not so's ud notice. the male bits u pick off r good to smoke, as they aint gone the distance they will just b a taster of wots to come.
  5. Well it was a male .... not even hermie so i "put it to sleep".... :( my brother will try to make something of it...


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