Hermie ID question...

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by teledingo, May 7, 2006.

  1. I'm growing two plants which I've just put into 12-12.
    Since I am kind to animals and the elderly, both are female:hello: .

    My question is this: how do you check for hermies? How vigilant should I be? Even though both plants are decidely female, should I nevertheless check *every* node and *every* budsite for signs of maleness??

    thank you you princes of maine you
  2. Thanks.

    I had been under the impression that hermies would have male and female aspects at separate locations.

    But Dier it sounds like from your reply that hermaphrodism shows itself in the same place - ie, one budsite will have male and female together?
  3. usually you should check the lower bud sites as thats were i've usually see the hermies forming.
  4. When flowering has just started with identified females, and you have NO light leaks during the dark cycle... then you won't have any male flowers.. If you have some light leaks you'll start to see them 2-3 weeks in.. on the lower part of the plant.. in which case you would want to SEE them before the banana's open to release that pollen.. If you see them you want to pinch them carefully off so you don't squeeze pollon everywhere...

    Dood.. you don't want seeded herbs.. try to not hermephrotize them.. :)
  5. Hermies look like this :) LOL


  6. Ha ha ha.
    Super funny Dier
    Kind of looks like "cloning gone wrong". What a douchebag he is. Gotta love em.

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