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  1. I had my afghan go hermie on me and she breed my other strains. Will this cause my other plants to have seeds with part afghan and part of the original strain? Pretty much like breeding right? Check out my journal
  2. Yes, but now your plants are focused on reproduction and not the production of cannabinoids.
  3. Nobody wants hermie seeds (that I'm aware of).

    I've never seen a hermie produce any smokable bud. Just thousands of seeds that produce hermies that self pollinate and create thousands of seeds. It's sad to see.
  4. Ever hear of mids? Haha it's smokable, but not enjoyable
  5. I've never heard of hermie mids, but I'm from California, and we don't grow mids much here.
  6. ...you don't grow mids. No attempts to grow mids. Theres no "mids" strain, just shitty grown weed and terrible post harvest procedures.

    That being said, hermies aren't "mids".. hermies have SO many seeds that they are useless.

    And no one wants to "breed" hermies OP, FFS.

  7. My point exactly brother. Quality is what I've grown and since people here are used to high grade quality, people become weed snobs here. In fact, if you read my first post, you'll see that you just essentially said the same shit I did lol.

    I guess I should have said, I don't grow shit weed or hermies and recommend you don't either. Considering hermie weed as mids is news to me, guess my point was lost. Didn't mean to confuse you.
  8. Well this is the first time I've had a hermie tante my other strains. I'm in very late flower like 10 days to go. I only see a hand full of seeds. On all of my plants but there huge seeds. I took out the hermie. My buds are still huge and I'll have a good yield but I was just curious about my situation.
  9. Think it's was either koolbloom or light leak that switched her
  10. I'm not keeping the hermie nor was I asking about the hermie seeds. Im curious about the out come from the others she pollinated
  11. How potent is pollen from a switched hermie?
  12. The others she pollinated will produce hermie offspring if that's what you're asking. Look closely at the hermie plant. What looks like buds are often clusters of seeds. My very first grown in my early teens was a single plant from Mexican dirt weed, that nasty kind with yellow smoke that is brick compressed and nasty black seeds. One popped, I grew it, mid flower she switched and. Thought, damn, those buds are huge, til I cut a piece off and squeezed one and juice came out, as it was an immature seed. I began to dig through the buds and realized, what appeared to be buds were in fact seeds.

    Your other strains are likely compromised, as well as your grow area, as any future plants could potentially get crossed unintentionally. I've seen it before. Smoke the budand start over later, with new strains In a clean environment.

    It's what I'd do and did.
  13. I have seen quite a few plants go herm, and only produce a few seeds. And the smoke was great. I actually had a bubblicious go herm on me last year. It was my last run for the winter so I let it be. In about 4oz of good ass smoke there was maybe 30 seeds. So this season I grew 2 of the seeds. both girls with no hermie traits what so ever. Just what I have experienced first hand.
  14. Op how was the smoke?

    Did you have a ton of seeds?
  15. Well, just like breeding, but only in that you've now got a negative trait entered into the mix.

    That's why breeders NEVER use natural (or easily-occurring) hermies for breeding, the resulting offspring will have similar results, and even of those who don't, their offspring will still be carrying the trait and potential.

    Natural hermies will pass on the gene that causes hermpahroditism, and easily-turned plants with weak sensitivities to their environment, will similarly pass on those weaknesses. Neither make good candidates for breeding, although the environmental hermies are slightly more preferable (but without expensive genetic testing for the gene, which is available by the way, you won't know which was environmental slip-up, or a pre-written gene).

    In other words (TL;DR :p ), if you don't want to have continuously seeded crops when using these seeds, cycle after cycle, you need to breed hermaphroditism OUT, not into the following generation.

    Meaning that the best, and safest thing you can do, especially if you find this situation vexing, is to never germinate the resulting seeds.

    Just like intentionally breeding positive traits into plants, so they occur more frequently, when you allow a hermie to reproduce, it often only gets worse. I've seen growers crops, where if you squeeze a five gram bud it EXPLODES with seeds, and you're left with less than a half a gram of impotent duff to smoke.

    That's a lot of energy wasted on seeds, that you can't even use for anything, besides maybe roasting and tossing on a salad. :eek:
  16. Excelent smoke. Just a hair shy as good as a non herm bubblicious. Just a different taste. Maybe 30 seeds out of 4 oz.

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