Hermi Plant

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by coolcalin812, May 20, 2013.

  1. Plant first showed female preflower. Than I guess it was stressed and started to grow ball clusters.

    My question is will the seed produced be fem? Since its originally female.
  2. the seeds will be more likely female, but also be more susceptible to herm as well.
  3. yea what theanswer said. he has the answer. lol i'd grow em out anyway because why waste seeds? you may get some dank females if you are lucky and have no herms!
  4. Thank you all for answering.
    Btw you guys know anything about reveging a plant?

    I was thinking, cut top bud, cut some roots, add fertilizer, and switch light timer.

    Do I need to cut any leaf
  5. seems like too much work, personally id rather start fresh.  if you do it more power to ya! would love to see some pics!
  6. Only doing that because I have no more seeds lol.
    Don't really want to spend too much money on seed banks
  7. Grow that hermi out and you'll have enough seeds to last awhile.
  8. yeah man thats exactly what i would do!!!

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