Hermaphrodites and breeding.

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  1. Hey folks, I have an old landrace strain of sativa genetics from Panama that is a vigorous grower, very disease resistant, and an absolute pleasure to smoke, both potency and flavor. The bouquet ranges from grapefruit to mango/very typical loose sativa structure, and w/o a pic of the buds the best I can do to compare in terms of looks is Arjan's Haze.

    The problem. I have grown this strain out 6 to 8 times, and each time, depending on whether I early or late planted, I get anywhere from 10 to 40% hermies. Usually they are tale-tell atypical preflowers that can be identified and culled before any problems arise. Other times a seemingly "true" female will totally reverse and start throwing nutsacks everywhere.This is a major problem when guerilla growing and I love the strain so I don't want to abandon it just yet. Another problem is the rarity of getting a true male from this strain.

    The question: If I take a true male of another hybrid of S.E Asian and Afghani, which has never shot a hermie on me, and pollenate one of the females from the Panamanian genetics will it be possible to create seeds that will be true breeding?

    I'm thinking this is gonna be my experiment for next year, but would love to hear any input. thanks.
  2. Chirp Chirp. sorry to hit up my own thread, but I think I had one too may toots off the bong and lagers last night.I'll try to clarify the question.

    Question: If you take a true "female" from a strain that is known to throw hermies and use pollen from a strain that is tried and true breeding stock will the resulting seeds still carry on the hermie trait from the mother? Will it reduce the instances of hermaphrodites? Possibly eliminate hermies? Anyhow, if no one has a definitive answer I can understand that. As an experiment I'm going to give it a try next season, but the results won't be known till year after next.
  3. if you cross a plant that is female with a known tendency to hermie with a plant that is a rock solid female you should get seeds that range from rock solid females to full blown hermies, and everything in between.
  4. that's what I was thinking. It's a damned shame too, because when you do get a true female from that landrace it's fantastic smoke, plus it's tops when it comes to vigor.
    I wonder how seed breeders can take hermie sativas like Thai,Panama,etc. and make true breeding stock. I think greenhouse seeds has done it with just about every landrace strain known to man.
  5. pick up Robert Connell Clarke's : Marijuana Botany

    [ame=http://www.amazon.com/Marijuana-Botany-Propagation-Breeding-Distintive/dp/091417178X/ref=ntt_at_ep_dpt_1]Amazon.com: Marijuana Botany: Propagation and Breeding of Distintive Cannabis (9780914171782): Robert Connell Clarke: Books[/ame]

    you have the right ideas ( and a lot of em :) ) just need to get you on the right course, and RC Clarke is a God.. every decent breeder today started with this book.
  6. Thanks Wharfrat. I will definitely check it out.

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