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  1. Sorry to not have any pics yet, but I have a six foot outdoor plant which I am pretty sure is a hermaphrodite. It started budding on all the tips about 2 1/2 weeks ago and has started to form 3 large kola in addition to the smaller buds on the lower branches. I noticed little nodes below and actually interspersed within the buds, and thought that maybe the plant was pregnant and seeding. Last week the pods opened and are definately pollen sacks, but the plant is also female as it is budding with tons of white (some turning red now) hairs.

    Has anyone ever dealt with a plant like this ? The seeds are from mexico and possibly a fairly new cross.

    I will try to scan some pics, because it's the strangest thing. I assume the plant will impregnate itself and seed. Will the buds still be o.k. ? Anything I can do differently here ?

    Any comments would be huge. Sorry for lack of pics....

  2. It will seed if it is a hermie, and yes you can still use the bud, however you will be entertaining yourself for many hours picking out the seeds, obviously without a pic it makes things difficult. As you only have the one plant, leave it to finish flowering and salvage what you can. At least now you have found out the importance of using quality seeds, so buy some and start again.
    good luck
  3. Thanks ! I appreciate the reply, and I can see what you mean by how long it's going to take to de-seed it (they are absolutely everywhere). Someone told me also that some of the mexican/african strains can take forever for the buds to mature. I am in about the 3-4 weeks of flowering stage, but the buds don't look quite as mature as I thought they would. The white hairs have started turning red and they smell great, but they don't have the sheer size I was hoping for (luckily the plant is so big that there are dozens of tips !).

    Sorry to ramble, I appreciate your response and will try to scan in a picture...


  4. some strains do take a while to finish off, but when the pistils start to change colour it should take approx 2/3 weeks to fully ripen. Once 60/70% of the pistills have turned then it is ready for the chop. They still have growing to do, so keep fingers crossed and i'm sure the buds will turn out a good size.

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