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  1. So i have 2 white widow crosses and one blue cheese. Grown indoor and all feminsed seeds. I have just harvested one white widow 8 weeks into flower aand i am finding seeds!!!

    What does this mean? Is it a hermaphrodite? How could that have happened?

    What will the effect be now on potency etc

    Im so sad[​IMG]
  2. *update*

    So i have just checked the two remaining plants, one white widow and one blue cheese. The white widow looks fine with no seeds. The blue cheese looks hermied. It looks female but then had pollen sacks. Should i immediately separate them?
  3. Yes its a herm if it has seeds. One of those plants probably had a nanner somewhere you missed. It will not affect potentcy much at all. Looks like some good bud good job
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  4. YES!!!! or if you can pluck off the pollen sacs go for that
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  5. The same

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  6. Blue cheese seed was a freebie so i guess that one. Whats a nanner?
  7. I only have a small grow tent so not really enough room to separate...will need to try picking them off :)
  8. A nanner is the pollen sac. It looks a lot like a banana so look for those when you go to pluck :) Have something to put the pollen sacs in right away so they dont burst. I would recommened misting all of your buds LIGHTLY you do not want mold. But the water will kill the pollen if it were to fall on your buds. Afterwards shake your plant a little to get off all the water :) . Goodluck
  9. Usually if they are fem seeds they will not have herm it is usually some stresses but the main one is light leaks.

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