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hermaphrodite seeds

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by randomkatz, Jan 9, 2013.

  1. My friend gave me a big bag of seeds off a hermaphrodite plant, and I was wondering if they're grown if they'll turn out hermaphrodite too or they're like normal pot seeds, normally I buy seeds and I've never had a hermaphrodite plant so I'm not too familiar with this area.
  2. Depends on why they hermied (which you probably will never know). Only way to know is grow them out. If they have a hermie gene then forget it, that will be passed along. If they hermied due to stress they still could pass that along.

    If it were me I would assume they will hermie and so wouldn't use them.
  3. It was defiantly stress , they were grown in 2 different locations and only the plants in one turned hermi, they guessed due to problems with the temperature and such changing so much.
  4. personally i wouldn't use them because of the likelihood of them herming up and you loose your crop to seeds after 3-4 months of work. your better of just buying some descent seeds for just a few bucks and you know there wont be any hermy issues
  5. Yea it's not worth the effort then, a friend wanted me to try growing the seeds for them but I have my own plants and I'd rather not chance it.
  6. they might be fine but for how much seeds cost its just not worth the risk in my opinion

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