Herm or male?

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  1. Something is up with this plant. Super Lemon Haze, 14 days since flip. Did she herm, or worse yet, is this a straight up male? I don't have any experience with herms or males for that matter but my gut tells me I have a problem here. Please help :confused::eek::smoke:

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  2. Male flowers & no stigmas= Male plant. There could be hairs that aren't obvious from the picture, but it looks male.

    Imho hermies are worse than males. At least when there's a male, it doesn't mean there will be any problems with the females. With a strain prone to hermaphroditism, you may be unable to grow a pure female plant.
  3. Ty for your time Jellyman, much appreciated. So much for feminized seeds :rolleyes: This is a first for me, I've gone through 3 batches(10+ each time) of feminized seeds in the past 3 years and this was my first male. Should I consider trying to create a few seeds????
  4. Even feminized seeds have some males. They're just supposed to have noticeably fewer of them. Statistically speaking, now that you've come across a male in feminized seeds, you're less likely to see another in the next batch.

    Whether to try your hand at breeding is entirely up to you. If a male opens its flowers in your grow area, not only will all of your females be seeded, but it can be very difficult to clean every trace of it from the building before the next run. A few traces of pollen leftover after cleaning may only produce a few unwanted seeds in the future and over time it'll stop occurring. There are also ways to harvest pollen before a male flower opens & just brush a little onto tagged female branches, keeping contamination down. There are the obvious benefits of having a huge supply of seeds to use, as well as the fun of breeding your own plants. Certainly many angles to consider.
  5. I have sequestered the dude to a closet in another part of the house. Hooked up my 400w and a timer and for now I'll continue to grow it till I figure what I'm going to do. I currently have 6 different strains going and painting one bud on each with a little pollen sounds VERY interesting to me :cool::devious::D
  6. It's been awhile since I witnessed that technique & haven't tried it myself so search for more info before attempting. Pollen is very airborne so fans must be off when working with it. It may be that a little water will help keep it from flying around. Be extra careful when collecting it. Clean up & change clothes before visiting the females. Pollen is as sticky as it is light and travels on clothes very easily.

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