Heres what im working with... help please!!

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  1. this is my attic that i think im goning to try and grow in...

    the rough size is 8 feet long, 4 feet wide, 4 feet high.

    something that i think is a problem tho is that its like 98/101 degrees up in there (Texas summers)

    i threw in a fan which helped a ton but i dont know if it would be enough to keep the plants cool enough especially under a powerful grow light... should i just wait for winter when the attic will be cool?
  2. helps if i upload the pics...

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  3. and heres my life saver! :p

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  4. First question this your parents house? Second question is....will any body be going up there...Because i could think of a way you could have a nice grow space...but it would require setting stuff up...and if anybody were to go up would most definately be busted. most work that would leave any damage could take it all down and be cool...well..except a couple nails
  5. u will probaly need more then one fan up there and should probably gro with flouros cuz they give off very little heat u should just start it out with some bag seed and see how far u get and then go off of that good luck
  6. yea, i already have some bagseeds im just trying to get a good idea of how to do this.
  7. yes it is my parents house but my dad has NEVER gone into the attic and my mom is cool with me growing as long as i can keep the smell under control haha
  8. Alright first off, you should lay down some plywood. so that you have room to set stuff down and all. Then I would get some flouro' your case..not the ones i have in the pics...but the long ones...with the long tubes...and hang them from the cieling. Have it installed so that you can adjust the height of the lights so that they are the right distance from the you dont burn them and whatnot. Nextly, I would put up a wall of plastic. Pick an area, and act as if your just sectioning it off from the rest of the attic. When you get the plastic wall put up you can get two fans and run one blowing air into the area..and one blowing out...when you section off the area that you'll be growing in..find out how much cubic feet the little area takes up. And whatever that number is, thats how many cubic feet per minute you want the fan to push.

    nevermind, looks like its a small need air coming into the room...and exiting the room. If you only have air being pushed around it will get to hot...most people make boxes and have a fan blowing in and then a fan blowing that it creates like a wind passage through the box....because the more air you get on the leaves...without the tempature going over'll be good.
  9. Summer time in an attic in Texas sounds like it would get way too hot up there. However, if you go through with it I would love to hear how it goes. I first considered growing in my attic, but figured it would get way too hot and a fan would just be like a blower on a furnace blowing hot air on the plants. Good luck...
  10. alright man, you have a really good place to grow now lets make it happen. First decide how you're gonna do it. Hydro v Soil. Second, how much time you want to spend with these plants a week, and third, what kind of $ you want to spend.

    Answer these and i can make something perfect for you.
  11. i can spend 2 to 4 hours a day up there while my dad is gone, i want to do soil becuase thats cheaper. and money... i want to spend as little as possiable. this is my first grow so i figure ill probally fcuk it up anyways. :rolleyes:
  12. yea, im gonna hit up home depot or something and finish flooring it off...

    another question... i can use flouro's for the first month or 2 but when i want to start flowering ill need HPS lights correct?
  13. You wont NEED them...but yes, but them. Depending on how many plants you'll be growing, you should buy at least 1 400w lamp...personally, ill be growing anywhere from 12-20 plants...mayeb 25...and im going to be running 2 400w hps lamps.
  14. how much will 2 400w HPS lights set me back $200?
  15. That last picture is interesting. Any history of paranormal activity in the attic or other parts of the house???

  16. about twice that depending on where you go (excluding inside sun, but you get what you pay for). I'm setting up an attic grow myself in an insulated room in my attic. To grow up there you're going to need to get fresh air in through either a window or two new vent holes in the floor unless you have central air in the house. In that case just tap into a duct and run the cold air into your grow area. If its the former then expect to pay $200+ on a good fan to move enough air.If ventilation isn't possible then i'd forget about it. Have you actually taken the temp up there or is 98-101 the temps outside? Because you can expect the temp in the attic to be about 10 degrees higher then the temp outside just to give you an idea.
  17. i grew some pot in my attic w/ floros and a fan... but it was 120 degrees up in there.. it grew alright buds but not much of it, 100 and 120 is a pretty big difference so i dunno? just lettin u know my experiences

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