Here's to your freedom ...

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  1. Are we free? A question you might have asked yourself, only to ... oh I forgot where I was posting; This is GC, the home of the free ... thinkers anyway.

    Check out this article I read a while back, it really spoke of things I could not convey in coherent sentences.

    We Are All Slaves! | Strike-The-Root: A Journal Of Liberty

    Whoa I just realised that people get handed their beliefs, by the families their born into. By the countries and communities they grow up in. By the religions they unsuccessfully seek answers from. They never have the courage to stand alone and voice their "delusions" for fear of unapproving stares ... I'm getting carried away. Just read the article if your interested.
  2. Well duh?

    We are the modern pyramid builders, instead of whips they use iPhones and gem covered handbags.

    Eh whatever, the dominant family won, they worked hard at achieving everything, our ancestors scarified it for food.
  3. Are we free? Well technically yes, are we free to do whatever we want. Kill, steal, rape, etc.

    But there are consequences.

    So in essence we are free, there are just a shit load of consequences that are tacked on :laughing:

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