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  1. So I cooked a batch of butterscotch chip cookies on the weekend, of course I added chopped weed to most of the batch. Well I consumed one of the special ones about an hour ago but was getting anxious about my high not setting in after 50 minutes.

    I normally wait a full hour for the effect to set in before I decide if I should eat a second or a half or any more at all. Since I was getting anxious after 50 minutes I thought, fuck it, and ate a second cookie before waiting the usual hour.

    Well fuck me cuz I am suddenly getting really high and it's only been 65 minutes since the first one (15 minutes after the second). So this second cookie is going to kick my ass in approximately 55 minutes.

    I got my Doritos, I got my lemonade, I got my Married... with Children DVD boxset. Let's rock.
  2. Sounds great I hadn't had edibles in a while I think I may make some, good luck
  3. Dude I already forgot my plan. I have been surfing GC this whole time instead of watching my show or munching. This is gonna be a hell of a good high!
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    edibles are like the only thing on my to do list left really. IS IT REALLY WORTH IT THOUGH.. i kind of like the breaks in between highs. instead of being ripped alllll day. lol idk maybe part of me doesn't believe it will work well for me? i have an extremely fast metabolism 3500 plus cals to maintain weight.
  5. [quote name='"totalitarian"']

    Personally, i think when you don't have much weed, it's not worth it.

    If you grow your own, sure why not but if not, it's kind of a waste.

    It's up to you, would you rather smoke 70 bowls or bake 24 cookies with your ounce?[/quote]

    He dosent need to use all that you can use .5 and be ripped for 5 hours (assuming he has a normal/low tolerance and is using high quality bud)
  6. I put just less than an eighth of decent bud into ten cookies. It definitely gets me higher and since I have a full-time job the cost isn't really an issue. The only reason I make edibles is because the high is quite different. It's something every stoner should try at least once, just remember to pace yourself.
  7. Haha hell yeah man you got all the right munchies. Last time I ate
    a bag of goldfish crackers which I later found out was 3 servings, LOL
    I had the spins later on lol

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