Here's to a potentially kick-ass weekend!

Discussion in 'General' started by Pot Geek, Sep 20, 2003.

  1. Oh hell yeah!

    After being on emergency rations for 3 days, I scored a fat quarter yesterday! That was Thursday.

    Today I did my usual Friday-style work. I got up, dinked around the house for an hour and a half, then went to work at 4:45 PM. Left at 9:15. (BTW, I love my job!) Came home and prepared for the weekend.

    Roled up two phat J's, hid one behind my keyboard, stuck the other one in my shirt pocket. Just smoked that one while I drove home. I love driving. My Microbus drives itself when you're stoned. It's really... special! (BTW, I love my VW Microbus too.)

    My parents are leaving for the weekend, they won't be back until late Sunday night. And I don't work again until Tuesday. The joint behind the keyboard is all set for my wake 'n bake tomorrow afternoon. My parents will already be gone (they're leaving at 9:30), so I'll just roll outa' bed, reach behind the keyboad, grab the liter, and the J and spark that bitch up! Then I'll trott my happy ass out to the kitchen, maybe blow a little smoke towards the dog on the way, and make some coffee. Mmm.. stoned shower, then my infameous Pot & Raman Noodles, followed by movies on the satelite, or maybe old episodes of the Simpsons that I have on tape!

    Heh, and I havn't even planned for Sunday yet! :D
  2. You lucky bastard...

    So when can I come over? :)
  3. Hrm... Iowa is only 10 or so driving hours away. :)
  4. that sounds like a good weekend........mines is having a few bongs, reading harry potter and the goblet of fire, and a few cans of bud, then tommorow me and the g/f are gonna rent out a lot of movies, and chips and dips, and get blazed, and then order in a munch.............what a sunday it will be............Peace out.........Sid
  5. mine consists of rewriting a paper that was three scentences too short, so i failed it and have to do it over. it is five pages and has to be on two bruce springsteen songs about 9-11. the teacher even said if it had been long enough it would have been a B paper. man i hate that class

    your weekend sounds a shitload better than mine
  6. Wow, that was... Friday? Seems like a long time ago. :)

    Weekend was success, although not quite as planned. I woke up Saturday at 12:38, sparked up my (seemingly-fast-burning) J, then trotted out to the kitchen to make coffee. After about 5 mintues I forgot about making coffee, but I don't for the life of me remember what I was distracted by. Then I went back to making coffee and actually finished this time. While I was waiting for it to brew I pulled my stereo's speakers into the living room and turned up The Dark Side of the Moon. I started drinking my coffee, then forgot about it after 3 or 4 sips.

    I started some water boiling, chopped up some bud (and some stems that I've been saving to make soup with), and tossed it in along with some oil and butter and let it boil while I took a 30 minute long shower. Oooo.. I love stoned showers.

    After I toweled off and got dressed, I checked my soup, and drank the rest of my coffee while watching .... who knows what... on the satelite. I let that damn soup boil for nearly an hour! Then I mixed in my noodles, and got it all mixed up and in a bowl when I got a call from a buddy of mine who's BMW had broken down.

    I hopped in my bus and drove down to rescue him. We had to wait for an hour for the tow truck to get there, but it wasn't bad 'cause I was still pretty buzzed.

    Once I got back home I reheated my soup (in the oven, not the microwave!) and ate it. Yum!! Uhm... I think I watched TV for a while, and... oh yeah, Conan's 10th Anniv. special came on Comedy Central and I recorded it. Hehe... gotta' love Conan, especially when you're stoned.

    Geez, then I went over to a friend's and smoked like 4 more bowls (maybe more, I don't remember) and chilled for a long while. I got home at like 3:30 AM.

    Sunday was less eventful.

    Sunday morning I got up to go to church and I was still buzzed. Then I took a nap after church. When I got up I went over to a friend's house to fix her computer. Then I rolled over to "the loft" and hung out and got high and went home at 3:30 AM, yet again.

    Woke up at 3:30 PM, Monday afternoon. (I love my job!)

    All in all, not a bad weekend. :)
  7. Well im hoping on this plan i just made up in my mind sorta... Well any ways im hoping to get me and my friend to throw in on some weed for thursday then we will stash it at our smoking spot very safe. Then we will skip half the day at school go home and toke the rest of the day.

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