Here's the beginning of my Hydro setup..

Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by crocodile, May 11, 2002.

  1. Being a Plumber by trade I have access to all sort's of goodies. Here's the start of my hydro set up. Using ABS because it's free. The lines will be spray painted to stop light from getting in. She is good for six plant's. I have a 400 watt HPS on the way. How does it look. Peace Out Crocodile:)

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  2. Sorry mod's still haven't figured out how to combine my pic's. Peace Out Crocodile.

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  3. hey plumber,,,that's an interesting way to use ABS DWV..if I ever seen one....can't you use the blue line instead of the clear?,,standard paint don't stick to well to that stuff..try automotive paint..

    to place multiple pics in one thread just reply to your original thread and post the next pic....
    keep us posted...


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