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Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by critter 11, Sep 12, 2003.

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  1. l love the fuck out of you americian guys here ,BUT,WHY DON,T YOU GET OF YOUR LAZY FAT ARSES AND VOTE THIS ::::::WHAT???? ,PERSON out. l JUST DON,T GET IT ?????????????GET OF YOUR ASS AND fucking vote.please :D for all our sakes.
  2. one more outburst like that my friend and you will be banned . Edit BPP,s fault you rebel you.l love ya mate .:D
  3. tis funneh.... tis my beef too!
  4. Digit on my side ,arhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,arhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,lol.:D
  5. Balhooey...some of us do, but it doesn\'t make that much of a difference.
  6. with less than 50% of people voteing cause it makes a difference.
  7. same thing over here.

    voter turn out is LOW.... sick thing is... most of the people who dont vote are the people who would vote far more sensibly for a party that cares more for people than companies. and WHY do these people not vote??? because they have become disenfanchised (is dat the right word?) with the gov and think that politics is rubbish. DUH! ALL THE MORE REASON TO VOTE!

    hempress... i hope you gonna be voting either for Libertarians or a tactical vote to keep Bushy Jnr out.
  8. You might as well all kneel down to Zod now. Zod don\'t like ferners.

  9. Because there are alot of people who support his ass..

    If we were a small country, we could get more people to participate.. Hell we can\'t get more than 30-40 thousand people together unless it\'s a sport....

    If we could throw his ass out... He would have been gone along time ago!!!!!
  10. critter darlin, are ya callin me a fat ass AGAIN???
    yo\' i work out.....\"kinda\" :D

  11. if your talking about joint to mouth excersizes or typing...then yea... i work out a hell of a lot too.....:D

  12. heres mine


  13. I think you just found the answer. We\'ll make all of our decisions through nonviolent competition.

    Who wouldn\'t be interested in a Democrats vs. Broncos game?

  14. it\'s like that here too i believe. only 50%-60%. that is bad. my dad was over yest. morn and was talkin politics till i was blue in the face. but i\'m learning and becoming more and more interested. cause it does matter and it does make a huge diff. only we can change things.or at least try to. i think it\'s our generation. idk. i don\'t remember much about learning politics in hs, but i wasn\'t there much either:D
  15. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    Originally posted by critter 11
    .....lf you voted this wasn,t aimed at you.:D...And l have no choice but to yell from the boundry my friend.But make no mistakes in that this game effects all of us and you guys can do something about it.just my thoughts.:D
  16. Actually critter the electorial votes count... Not the actual votes of the people!!!!!! Last election should have proved that with out a doubt!!!!

    Americans can\'t win for loosing.. In this case..... Cheating!!!!

  17. one person on here has already seen mine and thats enough...... :D
  18. Well, last presidential election I couldn\'t vote because I was still 17, but I am voting next year.....I\'d rather have a drunken monkey leading us than Dubya.
  19. I voted for gore....gore received the majority of the votes in the elections..unfortunately like BH said, electorial votes are what matter...otherwise what would stop candidates from simply campaigning in the urban centers to rack up mass votes?...them farm folk gotta have a say too...

    I agreed more politically with nadar..but i had to be logical in knowing his green ass would never win in the US..sure maybe a state at most..but get real...hes far from bein prez....unfortunately those who DID vote for nadar to \"make a statement\" were actually what fucked up the votes for gore and thus handed the presidency over to whistle ass..(dont get me wrong..we all know that even with nadar out of the picture bush would still have \"won\")
  20. l love you guys that vote .:D

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