Here's an Aussie joke for ya

Discussion in 'Grasscity Forum Humor' started by TooSicKs, Jul 3, 2003.

  1. This Texan arrives in Australia for the first time in his life.
    He's at an Australian sheep ranch. Of course, Texans like to brag about how big
    things are in Texas:

    Texan: Why ya know back in Texas I raise sheep too! How many acres do you

    Aussie: 1000 acres mate!

    Texan: Why son that any that many. Back in Texas I have 10,000 acres! How
    many head of sheep do you have?

    Aussie: Well mate we have 1000 head of sheep here.

    Texan: Well that ain't nothing! Back in Texas I have 10,000 head of

    Suddenly a kangaroo hops by. The Texan never seen nor heard of
    kangaroos says:

    Texan: What in tarnations was that!?!

    Aussie (scratches his head for a moment and replies): Why mate that's an
    Australian grasshopper!
  2. LMAO you guys are doing a fine job!!!!!!

    Grasshoppers eh?
  3. Texan on return to texas:

    "Dangit Earl, yer not gunna beleive the size o the gras'uppers they got down ther' in upside down land, i'll tell you what thems tha size o ol Bubba ray's mule."

    (texans say "i'll tell you what" even if they have nothing to say, haha)

  4. Yea every thing is bigger in texas and they always say "i'll tell you what" or "I can tell you this".

    They are smarter than the average American!!!!! LMAO!
  5. Texans somehow firmly believe there's an r somewhre in the word oil, and if ya got a brrl (barrel) of url (oil) ya wanna be careful ay don't tump (dump) it over, i'll tell you what,,,,

    Texans are so proud they're even proud of their pride.

    Q.Who's dumber than the average texan?
    A. Texans named "George"
  6. The average texan has more irl than they have at Iroc..

    Texans are known for their fine ability to legally steal and have BBQ's!!!!
  7. a texan who lives in an $800 mobile home will still have a $50,000 truck and a $40,000 bass boat sittin' in the driveway

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