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  1. well yesterday i went to check on my plants and they are looking wondferful. There are 3 currently growing well i got back in my home and vola i had 2 deer ticks on my skin walking around. I dont think they had bitten me yet but you never know so now i have to go through antibiotic treatment for lyme disease. This sucks. But anyways i dont think i will be going back there anymore until before the first frost to harvest do you think the plants will grow well on thier own??
  2. That is a very bad idea, first off you are going to need to water them at least once a week second if you dont check them bugs could start eating them or even deer. I suggest you just buy some bug repelent and get to work!:)
  3. Well i Have the plants sprayed with a deer repellent and an insect repellent but i guess i will have to go out to water them. Does anyone know a good repellent for these deer ticks i think they have infested my woods and i am shit scared of gettin lyme disease.
  4. man you dont gotta be so scared first of all just make sure you get em off right away if one bites you then you will know it and all you gotta do is watch the area where you were bitten at and be sure to save the tick itself, if you start to see a red target looking rash starting around the area or if you start to feel weird then is the time you need to worry and thus head to the doctor with the tick itself, there they can look at it and see if its male or female (only one of the two carries the disease) and then they can also test and see if it had the disease and see if your really in any danger. When i spend a lot of time outside in the summer i usually get at least one a day but ive only ever been bitten once the rest were usually found runnin around my body looking for a place to bite lol
  5. well i found 2 of em on me and i believe one was fem and the other male. Good news is i think none had bitten me due to no rash area and i didnt feel anything. One was big the other small and one i caught walking on me and the other was on my stomach but may have not gotten to bite yet i pulled him off quick. I am still on the antibiotics just in case. Do you know what i can spray on myself to keep them off? Have you ever caught lyme? I may need to add some more insect repellent to the plant cause my woods are infested
  6. you dont really need to spray any more shit on your plants man just wear off insect repellent i believe that works for ticks somewhat and then look for a good all around insect reppelent to put kinda on the path to your plants and thats about all you really can do short of a fogger
  7. Ok,
    So i can honestly say i have spent more time in the outdoors thans anyone on this forum. . . .not bragging its just my job. . . . You dont have anything to worry about. Lime disease is very rare, I personaly know someone who had it and he got over it just fine with some meds. Dont worry about walking throught the woods/fields just take a shower when you get back or check your; back, legs, and armpits. If you really want something to get them away buy something with a high DDT percent, dont spray DDT on your plants it tends to kill everything.

  8. how many times should i water per week i have 2 plants in 2 gallon containers and one plant directly in ground what should i do
  9. I'd say a good heavy watering about every 3 days

  10. Depends on your climate. I live in a region with hot, dry summers, growing in buckets on my roof terrace. I have to water every 24, if I leave it till 36 the ladies start to wilt. And they take 6 litres a day EACH.
  11. ooooh ticks i hate'em
    correct me if im wrong........BUT when the bite you arent they then STUCK on you. they dont just bite an leave.....they bite and dig their little head in.

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