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  1. ....... I got the call from a friend the other night,,the grow is busted,,I have been growing with a couple of my vet friends in a location other than my home,in a neighbor state. All of my genepool and the ordered seeds are gone ,all the equipment,,gone. The friend busted is not in jail,he was given a charge of possesion only,I can't figure that one out but thats at least cool,,1 charge. The property adjoining his was up for sale,the person buying the property was knocking on the door to say hi,,that she was going to be a neighbor,my friend was not home,,but the exhaust fan was on at the time,,,Ozone Gen not working,,which meant the odor was definatly home,,She called in a complaint,,,they followed up..Now what,,I could grow at the shop location, but I don't buy smoke off the street,,so bagseed (dreaded thought)is out of the question,,I would probably get busted myself trying to buy smoke in this area anyway,,since I'm in the boondocks near small towns,and know absolutly nobody I would at all trust..I would not want to pay the rediculous price anyway,,I could not order seed from a company and have them sent here,,due to the local law and post office watching for such a thing since the column in the local papers made it an issue. I have no family or trusting workmates to have them sent to either..So it looks like I just look at that space behind my shop and wish I still had seeds of a worthy strain. This old timer was stupid,,I should not have kept all my seeds in one basket,,I should have kept seeds here with me just sitting in a vial for that someday,,,To all the growers out there ,,learn from this as I have,,stash seeds in alternate places,,so in the event the bottom drops out from under your plan,,,,you can easily start again.. It stinks to have everything to start again no problem,,except for that main ingredient.....good strain seed...But I will find a way..assured.....peace


  2. That seriously sucks the big one, Ndica. I'm glad your friend didn't get in more trouble than what he did. Good luck.
  3. that is a bummmmmmer....
    live, learn and do it right next time....if ya need someone to hold a few extra quality seeds once you accumilate them yer girl :)
  4. Sorry Ndica, but remember: Hope springs eternal. The sun and soil and rain are free.
  5. I've been trying to get myself fired up to start growing inside myself, and then I hear stories like that and it get's me all paranoid!

    Sorry to hear about your loss. I already knew the lesson though. Did'nt get busted to learn it though. Rare breed of stoner deer that live around the pasture have reeked havoc this year! It's been dryer than Arizona this year, and my babies was about the only green thing in the woods this summer!

    I've always prefered to grow outside. I usually come up with a lb. or so. Get's me through the off season. I scatter them around and usually go water before the sun comes up while all the piggies are still snug in their beds.

    I just can't decide whether I should go indoors or not!
    Time for more ponderence.................
  6. Where AZ are you, smokinokie? I'm going to asu right now and I'm thinking of growing outside in cottonwood (small town next to sedona/flagstaff) over the summer when it's like 97 out all day long. Is this even possible? Can the plants even take that much heat? I could probably find a cooler place nearby, but it'd be all shady....
  7. Spliff, check his name: smokinokie.

    Smokin' Okie

    Check out the great Merle Haggard ballad "I'm just an Okie from Muskogee"

    That should point you in the right direction.
  8. oh ok I'm just a big dummie. When he said that it's been dryer than arizona I read "dry in arizona" or something.... I knew the okie part though...
  9. That's quite a sad story indded, I had my first and only grow operation stolen from me. and I cried like a little girl for days, I really loved those things as if they were my own children, except children aren't nearly as important of course...

    I also think it's just a bit odd how your friend only got a poessesion charge, that's like commiting capitol murder and getting a jaywalking ticket, it's unbelievable...but I speak out of my own experience because whenever my grow operation met it's untimley end, it was because our friend who was maintaing the growroom for me temporarily had succumb to his own greed. He was someone we had know for quite awhile, we trusted completley and all was well into he just got to poesessive. He said he had been "busted", but with a little detective work, it was discovered he had lied and suddenly dissapaerad, with all of the plants.

    He was supposedly "busted" by his campus housing maintainence crew and, supposedly, they let him go after destroying the plants, of course. You can't trust all that many people sitting on that much bud with such profit to be made. Sure enough we tracked him down to a little town called Paris, Texas (which is also the name of an amazing little movie from the 80's) and there he was smoking his days away peacefully....


    I'm sure you keep company that you have the utmost of confidence in, but personally, cops are not going to let a potential newsmaking bust just slip away and issue a ticket in it's place. It just seems a bit too odd and might be something to look into a bit more, just in case...

    Sorry to hear about the grow room and lack of inebriation you'll be suffering before things get better...good luck...


    PS- Um, did I read that correctly? Your grow op was run with "vet friends"? Please tell me that stood for "Veterinary friends" cause friends in the veterinary field are the best friends you can ever ever have. They play with toys like Ketamine, and Diazepam all day long, and could help your problems become a distant memory REAL fast :) Have fun...
  10. Did'nt mean to cross you up man!

    I'm sitting here again watching the rain fall apart as it gets close to us. No spring rains this year, now no fall rains either!
    It's a good thing the whole countryside is'nt plowed up like it was back in the 20's or we would have the dust bowl thing going on again.

    I've done a good deal of climbing, crawling, and pondering and I'll probably go on being a dirt and sun farmer for awhile.
    Always liked the sneaking into the woods part of it anyway! I just can't come up with a good e'nuff spot to do it indoors. Too many granny's and grampa's stopping by any how.

    I found a good spot today. Close to water, easy access, yet well hidden. C'mon spring!
  11. What do you think is the ideal kind of spot for a plant? Like as far as temperature and... whatever.
  12. NdicaBud that sucks to hear! How frustrating that you can't find any seeds anywhere. I hope you find some soon so you won't have to go unreliably to the street... :( :( Do you know anyone with any seeds, anywhere even close to you?

    I have been thinking lately, living in a small town and being a pot enthusiast must be absolutely difficult. I know Phishhead's dad's crop first got ravaged by pothead deer, then some local punks came and stole the rest of the plants. He had been growing for someone who is dying of stomach cancer and can't grow for himself anymore :( and now they have little herb right now
    His dad's going back to indoor growing, hopefully that will work out OK..

    Hope you find some pot/seeds soon!!!
  13. dam that sucks
  14. Man this is quite possibly the oldest thread I've ever seen here.
  15. cause the new people want a high post count and they dig up threads from the stone age to post in
  16. man Bourbon i was going to say it...haha but yeah this is old as shit, i doubt the thread maker even browses anymore.
  17. why did you post in this OLD ass thread with such a worthless reply???????

    and no, NdicaBud's Last Activity: 09-28-2002 03:21 PM

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