Heres a pic(s) of the weed I told you about I got in my backyard

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by LiL D.k., May 7, 2006.

  1. I got like 13 pics' it's all spread out. It's in different places. Either I'm high right now cuz this isn't weed, or I'm sure I just found gaja in my backyard. I again was already thinking about growing, should I move it in, keep it outside and move it or what?



    I'll postmore pics if yall want me to
  2. sorry i have no particular advice, but that happened to a friend of mine too. he just tosses seeds out of his bags into his backyard, and one day a plant sprung up. it was pretty funny.
  3. lol yea man, my dad said he thinks it came from a party, we had a while ago. Musta dropped outta someones pocket.
  4. damn man, get it in a pot and put it next to your window :>
  5. How many pots should I get theres I'd say 1 dozen back there, should I put a bunch in one pot or each individual gets one pot or what?
  6. How could you be high off it if there were no buds to smoke with? Dont tell me you chopped up its leaves....

    edit: or maybe I misunderstood your statement.

    It looks like it though. Definately try and get each individual plant into a nice pot and take care of them. Thats mad cool if your dad doesnt mind lol

    whatever you do, dont bring those inside. Its onlysafe to go indoors-> outdoors, not outdoors to indoors.
  7. Nope, I didn;t touch anything. I think they just started to grow this spring.
  8. WHat Iw as saying was, like pots you put plants in. my bad. Like how many pots should I use. Should I put a few of em in oen lare pot, or should I put one of them in a bunch of pots, because theres alot of em spread around. Really baby ones that just sprouted and pretty decent sized ones like in the pic I showed you
  9. Why dont you just leave them outside..if they started to sprout..leave them outdoors, see if they'll grow naturally..
  10. Thanks man.. I kinda thought you could bring em inside, but if it wasn't possible I wouldn't have done it. I got a bunch fo pictures I'll post
  11. damn that's crazy. i wish herb would grow in my backyard.
  12. one day when iv been really good all year, the fairies will do the same for me hopefully.
    good luck with them.
  13. Thanks, heres some more pics for you guys
  14. I still got more on the patio but i didnt get pics of those
  15. Wow, those really do look like weed. I guess time will tell.

    Do you have a big property? I wonder if someone planted them on purpose, as it seems really strange that a bunch of seeds would find there way there. In fact, someone would have had to put the seeds there in purpose, because seeds from MJ don't just float away on the wind: they drop near the mother plant. There could have been a mother plant there I suppose, but if they're all over the place that seems very unlikely to me that it would happen that way naturally.
  16. So those grew every year in your backyard? Or just this year? Can't wait to see'em grow.
  17. I guess the grow every year. But I remeber like last year before I even started smoking bud, my dad told me about it, and said we got marijuanna growing in the backyard, and I remeber we were doing yard work one year, he pulled em out, bu I didnt really care at the time, but like last winter is when I satrted smoking and I thought about growing some, and when i went out to look just recently to see if it had grown back well I seen it.
  18. Well I know no one in our family planted them there, and they are al spread out like around the patio. We got like this old pink brick like patio, and theres some like growing inbetween the cracks and some on the side and shit. As far as I know they were there last year, but I didn't smoke last year so I thought nothing of it.

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