heres a new 3d avi gallery

Discussion in 'The Artist's Corner' started by the animator, Jul 22, 2007.

  1. holy shit thats crazy!
    surface flow is my favorite thus far :wave:
  2. i`ll take that as a complimant, surface flow eh ?, well its a weird one like many of them but ide have to say the dancing girls is my fav :)
  3. Wow, that's quite amazing.

    My favorites are Surface Flow, Tenticle Land, Berry Head (hahaha, that one's great), Volcano, and Crop Planets.

    I guess I like the scenery ones more than the chaotic random ones.

    They're all awesome though. +rep for sure :hello:

    edit: Trails is cool too, double-helix FTW!
  4. What are you using to create these 3d animations/fly throughs?

    It almost looks like bryce to me, but I can't tell for sure.

    I am into Maya 8 and have taken some classes on 3d character animation, but I like your cool effects and stuff.

    Please let me know exactly you go about making some of this stuff.
  5. thanks mate thats qiute a list i just try to keep em as interesting as posible but often find my self pushing the computers pretty hard on the land scape ones. thanks for the feedback :)
  6. thanks for the comments, ok to anser your questions, most of the animations are made with maya 8 but some of them are made with max 8, i dont use bryce, maya is on its own level realy. character animation mmm i think its quite hard to do but then i dont work with a group of animators as character animation realy needs quite a lot of work if your going to do animation, blend shapes for facial expressions, backgrounds & lighting, it can become a lot of work for a single animator !!. thats also one of the reasons i dont like working with a story board as there is so much you can do with maya alone. some of the effects i do are done with 2 computors, i often get an idea, create some kind of model, then it often changes into a deeper idea, then i use the second computer to render out a background, render the background into an avi file then import it back to the first computer then render the complete scene. some effects are easy to do it depends realy what looks best. when i went to college & learnt 3d they said its all about compromise, between polygons & number crunching power, i agree with this 100%.
    apart from that, its very handy to use lots of other software with any 3d application like after effects, premiere pro, photoshop cs,
    i hope this has been of some help to you ?
    oh yes if you doing maya character animation, ide take a look at the digital tutors web site, they have some pointers that would help you a lot.
    thanks for watching & making comments :)
  7. so i have to pay for the full version file?
  8. yup, unless you happen to be a music producer that wants to make a music animation then we may come to some other kinda agreement.
    i dont do swap shop !

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