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  1. Hello All,
    (I hope that I am posting in the appropriate place) My name is Barrett and I have a family-run company that supplies grow lights out of CA.
    I wanted to join the forums here to learn more about what growers are looking for and to hopefully answer any questions that may arise.

    I'm not here to advertise, just to learn. Any suggestions are welcome, thanks!
  2. If you're not hear to advertise but just want to learn, than why did you even mention your company in the first sentence?
  3. It would be deceitful for me not to disclose that I am a vendor to growers, I don't play that game.
  4. Of course he is not here to advertise..that's why his sig is a direct link to his site..
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  5. Sorry but...
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  6. What's the right to do this then? Is there a correct section for vendors?
  7. Ask the mods here about becoming a SPONSOR!!
    They would appreciate it..Maybe a good start would be to ask either Lizardking or ICGreen..just sayin....
    Just a note..we do have a couple of LED sponsors here...Unit Farms and Mars Hydro come to mind....
  8. Ok that makes sense, I'll look at doing that. In the meantime I removed all my website links.
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  9. I appreciate how this worked out, everyone.
    If you are interested in being an advertiser, you can consider becoming a part of the 420 Network.

    If you want to learn and tutor without mentioning your company, you may certainly do so.
    Welcome to Grasscity.

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