Here it is... my best drawing! EVER!

Discussion in 'The Artist's Corner' started by sticky icky bud, May 13, 2010.

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    Ok here it is, as promised my greatest picture i ever drew. sorry it took so long to upload. i have been very busy

    Not sure if the picture does it any justice


    And a picture of my cat lol. its not pretty...

  2. Have I been trolled? :|
  3. That is one ugly fucking cat.
  4. you should color it and add some trippy shit in the backround
  5. your cat looks like it's composed of many different animals.
    like its ARMADILLO tail for example

    also, nice picture. i like it

    how big is it?
  6. Drawings tight.. but yea.. that cat looks like that dog who won the ugliest dog competition..
  7. Lmfao :)
    I like how you showed us your ugly kitty too.
    Did you do that to make your drawing look cuter than it is??
    Like when fat people stand next to fatter people to look less fat...
  8. hahaha.. yea as a matter of fact, that drawing fuckin sucks. ;)
  9. nice drawing.

    nice cat.
  10. +rep..i can always respect a good artist..especially one that can draw some bud! haha tight drawing...not too sure bout that cat though haha

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