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  1. Hey guys, second grow ever (well first of this degree and setup) and just wanted some input/advice on what i can do better or new that could make my yeild that much better!!

    Here's what i got:

    • Hortilux blue 400W MH for veg
    • Solarmax 600W HPS for flower
    • 6" blazer reflector
    • B.C grow, B.C boost, B.C bloom for nutrients
    Currently have some seeds from attitude seed bank which seem so far to be doing fairly well just have a few concerns about the height as of right now

    currently have:

    1 fem confidential cheese
    2 reg chernobyl
    2 reg dairy queen
    1 bagseed blue dream
    1 bagseed orange crush

    The cheese is the oldest and first one in soil and is about a week old while the others are roughly 3-4 days old (out of the ground)

    the far left 2 plants are the cherobyls
    the one to the right of that is blue dream
    the big girl to the right of that is the confidential cheese (which is attempted LST) please give me some advice on that subject as well
    then the 2 on the far right are the Dairy Queens
    and then the tiny girl above the cheese is the orange crush

    ask me questions and i will answer but otherwise just tell me what i'm doing right and wrong please!!!!!!!

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